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          I lean my arms against the rails of my little balcony, then throwing my head back in absolute frustration as I was incapable of falling asleep as I had intended earlier. I had completed my homework hours ago then proceeded straight to bed, expecting to wake up refreshed the next morning. However, things never seem to go the way I want to. I tiredly twirl the vines attached on the apartment's balcony while peering up at tonight's clear sky, and the moon's shimmer has descended upon Paris's traditional architectures and produced a rejuvenating ambience.

As I was about to shut my eyes to relish the pleasant moment longer, my ears twitched as I detected the distant noise of running, ultimately overthrowing my peace. My eyebrows immediately furrowed, somewhat perplexed as to what idiot would run in this neighbourhood at early 1 a.m. Glimpsing downwards, I locate no shadows looming on the streets. Quickly, in sudden realization, I look up the roofs, and there I discover the source of the footsteps.

Ah, c'est lui.

I discern Chat Noir on a roof across from mine, now standing upright while examining the tranquil neighbourhood, presumably doing his accustomed nightly shifts. After seeming satisfied with tonight's quietness, he gazes up to the brilliant moon with fingers interlocked behind his head. I have witnessed both heroes swiftly passing by this neighbourhood numerous times during their previous shifts, yet not once has once stopped on a nearby roof until now.

My attention stays on the hero in leather. Of course, I see him up close every day in his civilian form at school. Though, I never had Chat Noir -specifically- near me longer than several minutes since he is usually busy capturing an akuma or flirting with Ladybug. I do admit that he looks great in the leather outfit, adorable even, with the golden bell dangling on his chest. The messy coiffure is a nice change as well, seeing as it gives him a more natural laidback appearance than the orderly brushed hairstyle he maintains as Adrien.

Suddenly, I jerk when I see him abruptly move from his still position, instantly driving my train of thoughts away while alarming me in the process. As inaudibly as possible, I breathe as I spread my limbs and retreat to my dim room, not desiring for the feline in leather to notice my undivided attention on him. Just as I turned to secure the door of my balcony, I softly gasped as I see unexpected emerald eyes piercing into mine.

I stand stiffly while his eyes do not waver at all and, for some reason, still fixated on me even after maintaining sudden eye contact. I awkwardly hunch my shoulders as I deliver a short wave with a nervous crooked smile, waiting for him to leave soon. An enormous grin immediately appears on his profile as he waves back enthusiastically, ending our unexpected accidental interaction with a flirtatious wink. I felt my cheeks instantly heat up as my eyes follow his figure, jumping away to the next roofs until his retrieving silhouette promptly left my line of vision. Once securing my door successfully, I fall onto my comfy bed. I slightly shiver when I envelop my body with my cold blanket, remaining still for it to become comfortable and warm once more.

Before feeling my tiredness washing over me, my thoughts rope back to the boy once again. I definitely did not expect him to be here tonight, much less send a wink at me. I find this more humorous than anything, he would never initiate such actions as Adrien, but here he is winking flirtatiously as Chat Noir.

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