What you do too me...

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"I'm sorry what now?" Cliff asked. "Oh I knew you'd figure it out, baby." Elijah told me and pulled me in for a long kiss. Wait what? "I'm so confused." I told him tears running down my face. "Hey, don't cry. Please. And don't reject me, I'm begging, Kat." He now had tears running down his cheeks. Reject? What? "No, hell no, I would never reject you! Are you crazy?" I told him gasping with wide eyes. "But I do want to know how this is possible, I thought... I thought I was mated to Kol." I asked. "And what about your mate? How am I your mate?" I asked aswell. "I'll explain, just calm down and breathe for a second, babe." He told me and pulled me into his lap. "Okay, I'm calm. Now explain." I demanded, but the moment I did, I felt the pang of regret. "Don't treat him like that!" My wolf yelled at me. Sorry.. I told her in my head. "About two years ago I found my mate. She had had a boyfriend at the time, and rejected me. I had no choice, I had to accept the rejection. So our emotional bond had broken. It was terrible, but I knew it was better for me.

"I left town like you had, only I left with my parents. We joined a new pack, but their pack alpha was sick, and my family members being the only one's with the alpha trait, took over. First my dad, and then me. We made it to the top in the ranking. The former alpha had died, my dad stepped down after is time in the run, and then I was running. And next thing I know, My beta's and I were going through a perimeter run, and we came across a gorgeous girl, with gorgeous eyes, and gorgeous red hair. You. And the instant I saw you, I knew you were my second mate. You didn't see it though, because of Kol. So I knew this whole time that you would be mine, and now you are. Later that night after you had told us your story and what not, my physical bond with my old mate had broken. Allowing me to meet a new one.""On really rare occasions it happens, I mean who's stupid enough to reject, accept, and leave their mates forever, right? But I'm glad I did, and I'm glad you did. And now, that's what just happened to you. Your emotional bond broke, and now your physical bond, and now, you met your new mate. Me." Elijah told me and kissed my hair.

I let it all soak in. It was so much. Bond breaking with Kol, Elijah knowing the whole time and not telling me, Elijah being with someone else before me. I growled. "HE'S. MINE." My wolf snarled. "No. He's OURS." I told her in my mind getting furious. "Babe what's wrong?" Elijah asked me. "You. Are. Mine. No-one else's. If I ever hear you even mention your old mate's name I'll kill her." I told him growling again. He laughed. "You're MINE." I told him possesively. "Yes. Yours." He told me and pecked my lips. I pushed him away. "Why didn't you tell me sooner? And what's gonna happen to Kol?" I asked not really caring. "Well that's the thing. Technically, Kol is mated to you, You are mated to me, and I'm mated to you." He told me scratching the back of his head. "So. You're telling me, that we have to live in the same house as my ex-mate, in the same pack with him while were mated, and he feels the same pull, seductive attraction to me even though I don't, meaning his wolf and him will both want to chop your head off, and he's still attached to me?" I asked slgihtly confused.

The wording was all wrong, but whatever. I don't even know if I could explain what just happened to me, one word would be pain but it's all a jumbled mess. Whatever. "Yeah, babe. That's kinda it." He told me and kissed my hair again. "Wolfy love traingle." Cliff muttered. "Oh, kill me now." I groaned dramatically. "Oh c'mon, it wont be that bad." Bekah told me. We all starred at her like she was crazy. "Okay.. it's bad." she agreed. "Yeah, no shit." Cliff glared. "Oh shut up. Nobody asked you." Bekah said coldly. "You shut up, go screw Joel." Cliff said. "What are hey fighting about?" I asked Elijah. "While you were... screaming, they got into an argument about what to do. Bek said hospital, Cliff said wait it out." He told me."Well that's stupid. I still don't see the argument though.." I said honestly. "Well, Cliff thought Bekah was stupid for even thinking about hospital. With the werewolve thing, it would be a waist. Bekah thought Cliff was stupid for thinking you could wait it out, with how bad you were hurt, she thought he was being a total ass. So, yeah that's why they're arguing." Elijah cleared it up.

"Oh. Makes sense. Sort of." I said squinting my eyes still in confusion. He laughed at my facial expression. God, his smell was intoxicating. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I asked him, my face dropping. "Because it would just confuse you, and add more stress. Look, our whole relationship, it's not based on because I knew about us before you did. I love you, even without the bond." He told me and touched my cheek. I couldn't take it, I jumped him. Laying right over his body on the concrete, Our lips met, I was hungry with desire, I needed him, his touch, his lips, his smell. "Ouch." He laughed and pulled away. "Sorry..." I mumbled shyly when I realized that i'd bitten his lip. "It's alright. I know how new this... mating thing is." He told me rubbing my hair, and pushing it out of my face. I blushed. "Yeah sorry, I mean I might have had a mate before, but not a real one. Not you." I told him. "Hey, you wanna know something?" He asked me smiling. "Sure." I told him adjusting my weight to look up at him. "Since I marked you when we weren't mate's... that means I get to do it again. All. Over again." He whispered in my ear.







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