Chapter 6: Hello?

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Yes, another smutty chap. I couldn't help it okay? >:(


Somehow, Hinata got away from Suga's grasp. The silver haired male sighed, knowing that the other Volleyball players will flirt with him again.

It was almost 8 but the tangerine was walking down the hallway, trying to find Kageyama to toss to him because he was still feeling energetic. He flinched as he saw a figure in the hallway. A sigh of relief was heard from Hinata as he realized that it was just Oikawa.

"Chibi~ " Oikawa called. Hinata smiled widely at the brunette.

"Great King! " Hinata called as he went closer. He blushes when Oikawa lifted his face with his index finger in his chin and pulls his body closer by grabbing him in the waist with his other hand.

"O-oikawa-san...? "

"Remember what you said to me last time Chibi? " The brunette asked as he smirked seductively at the tangerine.

"I don't really remember anything Great king. " He said with a confused face.

"That makes me sad. " He frowned but smirked again.

"You said you would sit on me when we're alone right? " The brunette grinned.

"Wha- I- " Hinata was flustered and blushing furiously.

"I- t-that was a m-mistake! " He said as he covered his face with both of his hands.

"Haha~ I was just joking Chibi. " Oikawa chuckled and patted Hinata in the head.

Hinata blushes and looked up at Oikawa.

"Want someone to set for you? " Oikawa asked making the tangerine have sparkle in his eyes.

"Yes! " He said excitedly. The brunette chuckled again and grabbed Hinata's hands. Going to the gym.

Hinata blushes again and looked at his side. Letting the brunette drag him to the gym.

"Just jump- " Kuroo stopped talking when he saw Hinata going in the gym where Tsukishima and him were practicing.

"Chibi-chan! " Kuroo said as he went closer. Trying to get a hug.

Hinata hugged him ofcourse.

(Did Kuroo and Oikawa met on the anime or manga? Idk but in this book, they already met UwU )

"Oi Shrimp. What're you doing here? " Tsukishima asked, irritated because his heart keeps pounding whenever the tangerine's around.

"Don't be salty Stingyshima. Oikawa-san's gonna set to me! " He happily said. Making Kuroo frown and Oikawa grin proudly.

"I can kind of set too Chibi. Let me set to you so we can both practice. " Kuroo winked at the Tangerine which made him blush.

"Shut up you rooster head. He's gonna practice with me. " Oikawa stated as he glared at the bed haired.

Hinata looked at both of them.

"Oh! What if we have 2v2? Tsukki with Kuroo-san and Great king with me! " Hinata excitedly said. Making the two males glare at each other more.

"Oi shrimp, Isn't that unfair considering Oikawa's a setter and you're a spiker? " Tsukishima said, ignoring the two males that's glaring at each other.

"First of all Tsukki- "

"Don't call me that. "

"What ever Stingyshima. First of all, I'm a middle blocker. Second, Kuroo-san said he can set, So both of you can practice! Kuroo-san can practice his sets while you practice your spiking! " he said and happily smiled.

In the end, the three of them agreed since they can't argue with the tangerine.

--Timeskip brought to you by me not sleeping early and deciding to update this book since it's been a long time not updating--

"Hinata! " Oikawa called as he set the ball at the tangerine who was already in the air.

Hinata spiked and it hit Tsukishima's finger but the ball still hit the floor.

"That was a great toss Great king! " Hinata complimented, amazement was plastered on his face.

"You've been saying that like a hundred times now. " Tsukishima said and rolled his eyes.

"You were also amazing Tsukki! You almost blocked my spike. I think you could already block me but I was lucky I guess hehe~ "

"I-i told you don't call me that. " Tsukishima blushed and fixed his glasses.

"Kuroo-san you were amazing too! You can set, spike and also block! It's incredible! "

Their hearts melted. The tangerine's compliments is so pure and genuine. Anyone would be happy if they were complimented by this tangerine.

"Hello? " Hinata waved his hands in front of the males that was staring at him.

"What's wr- Mhmm! " Hinata was kissed by Oikawa who was smirking after he pulled out.

"You're too cute I couldn't help it~ " He said and smirked seductively. He once again kissed the tangerine, sliding his tounge in inside of his mouth. The tangerine did not kiss back for a couple of seconds but he kissed back as he started feeling hot.

"Mhmm~ " Hinata moaned and holds on to the shirt of the brunette with his two hands.

Oikawa pulled out and blushed as he saw Hinata's face.

There was a slight drool on his mouth from the kiss, his face was red and his eyes were half lidded.

"O-oikawa-sa- hAaHn~! " He let out a moan when Tsukishima sucked his smooth neck.

"I would like to taste this delicious tangerine too. " The blonde smirked and continued sucking the tangerine's neck. Hinata moaning in the feeling.

Oikawa kissed the tangerine again. Their tounges playing and battling with each other.

"Guess i'll take the thighs~ " The bed haired male said as he crouched down and licked the tangerine's thicc thighs, licking up to his inner thighs and biting it.

"Mhmm~! K-kuroo-san~ " He moaned in the kissed between him and Oikawa.

They continued eating the tangerine. Sucking, biting and licking the red head. Leaving light purple marks on his light and smooth skin.

"N-no... T-they'll see the m-marks- ugh~! " Hinata moaned once again when they all bit the area they were focusing on in unison. Tsukishima on his neck, Kuroo on his thighs, and Oikawa on his lips.

It's happening again. That amazing feeling. Am I really a slut for enjoying this?

"N-no more~ please stop- aAgh~! "

"Is that really the reaction of a person that wants to stop? " Tsukishima said after hardly sucking the tangerine's sweet spot.


Yes a cliffhanger ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ

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