Step 2: Watch out For Him

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This is the epilogue from How to Woo Jason Grace from Small Bob's POV! After this chapter we will be jumping through different stages of Percy/Jason's lives so you'll need to pain attention to everything that's happening in order to catch on!

Step 2: Watch out for Him

Small Bob was very happy to snooze the day away with his human by his side, thank you very much. It was one of those two days that came every five when his human didn't have to get up after the annoying beeping noise started and then leave Small Bob for hours! So Small Bob was very happy to know that his human wouldn't be going anywhere, but no! That stupid boy that made Percy happy just had to turn up and ruin everything!

The door slowly squeaks open, Small Bob's nose twitches. It isn't the brown fuzzy woman who smells like ink and sugar or the loud man who laughs a lot that smells of salt, not the blonde book girl with the scent of paper and strawberries or the brown girl who smells of tree bark and paint. It's a new smell that sometimes comes in traces on his human's clothes, like grass and fake chemicals that sometimes his human put on.

Small Bob lifts his head up and eyes the door and the blond boy with blue eyes that enters, this is the boy that makes his human so happy? Small Bob makes a small snort-like noise that the blond boy couldn't hear, this human didn't look like much.

The boy crosses the room and shakes Percy, Small Bob stares at him menacingly, wishing he would go away. He successfully wakes Percy up and makes Percy go all pink after he says something Small Bob doesn't care to listen to.

"Why are you here?" Percy asks flopping his head to the side, Small Bob sneaks a glance at his human but then quickly regains his posture to stare at the blond boy.

"-With a shit load of our friends." Small Bob feels his human pick him up into his arms and cuddle his close to his beating heart, ha! My human likes me more then you blond boy! Small Bob feels quite smug with himself, he meows a little to let Percy know that he appreciates the gesture.

"Your cat doesn't like me." The blond boy states to Percy, of course I don't like you! Small Bob mentally yells at him, he soon starts plotting for when he can cough a fur ball up on the blond boy or possibly pee on him, but that would be unsanitary so Small Bob pushed that away for plan B.

"You say that like he's really intelligent." Good cat gods, is he still talking? Small Bob meows in complaint, maybe he will pee on this blond boy, serve him right for questioning Small Bob's clearly bigger brain.

"He is." Percy replies patting Small Bob purrs in content. Good human.

Small Bob continues to glare at the blond boy, I am keeping my eye on you. He grumbles as his human puts him down, and possibly pee on you too but we shall see.

Well that turned out different than expected. Man I love writing as Small Bob, he is awesome! I really like to think that animals are far more intelligent then we think I mean, cats could be plotting shit like that! We never know!

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