Your faveourite tv show to watch together

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Stefan: American Horror Story. He has always loved 'AHS', and it's just an added bonus that he gets to hold you close whenever you get scared, which honestly, happens quite often. Whether you be actually scared or not.

Damon: Supernatural. You are both huge Supernatural fans. He loves all of the gore, and Dean's witty remarks. He always comments on how similar the Winchester brothers are to him and Stefan. "I would be Dean of course" he always jokes.

Klaus: The walking dead. He feels it has a good storyline, but Klaus finds humour in how unrealistic the gore and blood is. "There is alot more blood than that in real life!" he would laugh.

Elijah: Parks and Recreation. Elijah is a fairly serious and well-grounded individual, so he found a fond love for the show when it was the only tv series to have actually made him laugh.

Kol: How I met your mother. Kol loves to have a good joke and to laugh, so he thinks the show is hilarious, Barney of course, being his faveourite character.

Tyler: Pretty Little Liars. He would hate to admit it, for fear of ruining his 'tough guy' exterior, but Tyler has a small obsession with the show, always telling you about his 'A' theories whenever you watch it together.

Matt: The Office. Matt has gone through alot, and being pretty much the only human left in Mystic Falls, causes him alot of stress. So its good for him to have a decent laugh every now and then.

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