The Umbrella Academy (closed temp)

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(potential spoilers for season 3)

name: Zoey Ledgar

nicknames: Zo, Zee (by very few), Number 9, the Reject

superhero name: The Controller

place of birth: Australia

mental age: 13

physical age: 47

love interest: Number Five
(disclaimer: I do not like Aidan Gallagher, he honestly scares me. this is a joke by the way please don't attack me)

personality: will beat anyone, no matter who. she's overall a relaxed person, unlike Number 5, but under all that chillness is an anxious girl. she's very self conscious about not being adopted officially into the family and tends to criticize herself. can be unhinged and very stubborn.

appearance: very dark brown hair, curtain bangs, forest green eyes with a touch bit of blue in them. about 5'6, 5'8 when she's older, puppy-like eyes

superpower: Elemental control, weather control

weaknesses/flaws: has really bad hypothermia, can go completely numb especially if she's too weak

special talents: she's really good with animals. they trust her almost immediately and she can sometimes make them do certain tasks.

likes: painting, getting high, smoking, and the feeling of warm water. she was stuck for too long in time traveling that she didn't have a chance to get hobbies.

dislikes: war, huge battles, the thought of anything but the present, being tired

backstory: When she was first born, her mom decided to keep her, but then she began to develop powers which created panic in her family. after this, her mother kicked her to the curb at the academy where Grace found her and took her in.

Reginald refused to accept another child (for unknown reasons). however, the siblings harassed him up until he finally agreed and allowed her to join in on a mission. she showed off her powers and Reginald was content with what he watched. he didn't adopt her but only used her powers for his own will, she remained indoors (either at her original home or academy) until Reginald wished to use her powers on a specific mission.

because her mother didn't like having an abnormal daughter, she barely paid attention to her and only had her older sister take care of her most of the time.

while in the academy, she was closest to Five, Allison, and Klaus. she often smoked with Klaus and shared secrets about their traumatic childhoods. her and Allison were the best of friends (besides her and Klaus) and often opened up to one another. she had a massive (and possibly obvious) crush on Five. the day he went to the future, he encouraged her to go with him. she agreed and they held hands as they traveled to the future but were unfortunately stuck together once they landed in the apocalypse.

they spent lots of time together and told nearly every detail about themselves. although Zoey was pissed at Five for getting them stuck, she realized soon enough that it wasn't really his fault. since they previously had a somewhat unconfirmed relationship, it grew healthier after surviving two years of the apocalypse. it developed as they went on. however, since they spent so much time with one another, they eventually grew annoyed by each other's presence. But as anyone with separation anxiety would do, they can't spend much time away from each other without panicking.

*obviously annoyed* "Five!"

"We need to save the world. But first, let me smoke."

"I can't believe this is what I have to deal with"

"I'm not even technically apart of this family, yet all of you are acting as if I am."

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