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As the students sat in class they reflected on the USJ predicament and what they could've done to be more prepared and more useful in a potential battle. Soon Aizawa came in bearing news for class 1-A about an upcoming event they were to partake in. "Today class we will be preparing for the sports festival" Aizawa said. The class went apeshit talking about how much of a "Bad ass" like what does that even mean a naught donkey?. But none were more excited than Izuku Midoriya himself. This would be his chance to explain and show how men weren't useless and how they were a key asset to society and. "Now that we've established the date you have the rest of the week free to rest and train now plus ultra as the cool kids say......kill m-" Aizawa dismissed. The class rushed out hurrying to get even a sliver of training done.

Meanwhile with Izuku you'd THINK that he'd be training but NOOOOO fuck that bullshit. Izuku Midoriya can be seen at the boar hat tavern face down on a table surrounded by the sins... fuckin wasted. They just kinda laid there not moving but not asleep. "Feed meeeeee" said a starving Merlin to which her plea was ignored. This went on for a good two hours before Izuku decided to move and get some fresh air. "This is my chance my chance to make my mark on this world for the better" Izuku said to himself. Then with the aid of all this sins he finally began to train.

Sports festival

"WELCOME TO THE ANNUAL SPORT FESTIVAL ITS ME YA GURL PRESENT MIC" Present Mic screamed to the crowd who in response cheered. "And I'm your sexy host the R Rated hero Midnight!" Midnight introduced before striking a pose causing nearly all those in the crowd to nose bleed. Izuku who was among the few men unaffected rose his hand. "Yes Midoriya" Midnight called. "Yeah I would like to call cap your not THAT sexy you look like a knockoff merlin like honestly and the cuffs really bro imagine you fighting a magnet villain then WHOOOITY DOO your fucked" Izuku said bluntly. The crowd went silent as Midnight sported a small blush and a sheepish look continuing the announcement.

"AND FOR THE FIRST EVENT WE HAVE...THE OBSTACLE RACE" Midnight shouted causing more and more cheers to erupt. Izuku took point at the starting line and waited for them to call it. "START" Midnight yelled and they were off. Well except for Izuku who stayed at the starting line having a cup of tea with Escanor along with some snacks and converse of random topics. This went on for about 15 minutes before Midnight declared a "Winner". "AND TODOROKI WINS" She yelled to the crowd. "Weeeeeeeeeeeell" Izuku started. If you roll the tapes and slow them down record the skowed down and then slow it down do this for about 20 times and you see me running the course and running back to the starting line so technically I won" Izuku explained. Midnight did just that and sure enough the green haired boy was seen running the course.

"Uh my bad THE WINNER IS MIDORIYA" Midnight corrected drawing a slurr of boos and some "You suck" s from the crowd. Izuku however didn't give a shit and went back to tea time with Escanor

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