Day 4 • 2. Meeting the family

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Notes: I don't know if you have noticed, but I tell this story in pov of Arthit and in pov of Kongpob, depending on the chapter. When it's Kongpob's pov, he sees Arth as a woman and you can only know Kongpob's ideas and thoughts (obviously for Arthit it's the other way around). Normally when I write in 3rd pov, you can read about both of their thoughts but for this story, I chose otherwise. Anyway, just thought I let you know. Have fun with this chap and leave some of your thoughts so I can read them 😍


"Oh, Kongpob, she is so lovely!" The old lady shouted, standing up from her seat, making Arthisia instantly blush.

Kongpob awkwardly laughed and said thank you. He felt like such a liar, but it had to be done this way. At least according to his mother.

"Grandma, this is Arthisia," Kongpob said as he grabbed Arth's hand and pulled her a little more towards his granny.

Arthisia's hand trembled in his. The poor girl must be so nervous.

"Arth, this is my grandmother, and my grandfather and my parents."

Arth politely bowed to the elders.

Kongpob noticed his mother winked at him. She got her way, the woman should be very pleased with herself.

"Now, how is it possible that did my oldest grandson scored such a beautiful young lady?" Grandma asked while she pinched Kongpob's cheeks and hugged him.

"Wow, thanks a lot granny. Shall I just take that as a compliment or what?" Kongpob said while patting the old lady gently on her back.

"Come sit beside me, dear," Grandma said when she let go of Kongpob and grabbed Arth's wrist to yank the younger along with her.

Arth didn't even get a chance to meet the other family members.

"She's lovely," said Kongpob's mother to him.

"Yeah, she is."

"A friend?"

"No, one of my employees."

"Kongpob, how could you have asked one of your employees? You shouldn't have taken an employee to a family gathering. Which boss does that?" Kongpob's mother said while looking a little startled.

"It's a small company, and I'm close to all of them. Besides, you were the one forcing me to do this. It was either Arthisia or me hiring some woman. I thought Arthisia was a better choice than an escort. Plus, I trust her."

"Well, ok... If you say so..."

"Our son knows best, dear. He's always been smart." Said Kreklai. "Look, grandma loves her already. Poor Ria isn't getting any attention anymore."

Ria was the girlfriend of Kongpob's cousin, Max, and Grandma always favored her. However, right now, Ria got no attention what so ever!

After Kongpob said hello to the rest of his family, they all sat down for dinner. Everyone had just arrived at the vacation park and Kongpob and Arth didn't even have time to shower and change outfits.

Luckily, they didn't go out to dinner, but the family had reserved a bbq. The grill and all other supplies were all delivered at the cottage where Grandma, Grandpa, and a few others like Kongpob's parents stayed in.

The people of the park also set up a table. It was a beautiful scenery and this wasn't even Grandma's actual birthday party. That will be the day after tomorrow.

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