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Princeton just moved down from California he lived right around the block from you , and your mother some how new his mother then you guys met. you guys grew to like each other. You and Princeton have been going out for a month. But will something change that ?

(Princeton calls y/n)

Y/n: Hello ?

Prince: Hey babe , wassup ?

Y/n: I was just thinkin bout you ! and nothing much , I was just hoping you can come over for diner ? you know , meet my family ?

Prince: urhmm for d - dinner , You know how I am about meeting family y/n

Y/n: Common prince , for me ?

Prince: *Sighs* fine … Ill be here in a few ..

Y/n: Thanks babe love you bye ! *Hangs up*

Prince only lived around the corner from her so he didn’t live far from her.

(Knock on the door)

Y/n’s mom: Y/n Get the door , pleaase its probably auntie ! *yelling from the kitchen*

Y/n: I got it mom ! *runs down stairs*

(answers the door)


Y/n’s mom: Ooh lord … 

Prince: Hi my love ! *pecks you on the lips* Hi Y/n’s mom ! *waves*

Y/n’s mom: You can call Mrs.Cruz princeton *chuckling*

Prince: So urhmm where’s the family?

(The door bell rings)

(you answer it)



Everybody says there hi’s and hugs and kisses they finally settle down , After a good hour of laughter prince notices y/n’s grandmother looking at him awkward.

Prince:*whispers* Y/n , come here?

Y/n: Yes babe ?

Prince: Uhmm not trying to be rude but uhhhh *itches hair* you Grandma is looking at me like She knows me.

Y/n: *laughing* Princeton , shut up , She just has staring problems *smiles* common *grabs his hand* ayee guys ! I would like you to met my boyfriend , princeton *smiles*

The family: *Gives a surprised look*

Y/n: What ? why are ya’ll lookin at him like that.

Y/n’s cousin: Still got that big afro *smiles/Touching his hair)

Prince: Uhmmm , am I supposed to know you guys or .. 

Y/n: Yeaah !! whats going on ! MOM !!

Y/n’s mom: Im busy !

Y/n’s cousin: You didn’t know ?

Prince and Y/n: Know what !

Y/n’s cousin: This is your cousin , princeton .

Y/n: *laughing hysterically* Naaah naaah this is my BOYFRIEND princeton.

Prince: Y/n I think there serious *getting scared*

Y/n: So I - I kissed my own c - cousin .. 

Y/n cousin: If you put it like that ? yes … 

Prince and y/n: *look at eachother*

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