Chapter 49-Float Like A Butterfly, Sink Like A Rock

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Sullivan :)

Chapter 49

Float Like A Butterfly, Sink Like A Rock

Sullivan’s POV

Sweat pours down my face quickly before dripping onto my bare chest and rolling into my shorts. I lean to my left quickly before swinging to my right. The music blasts through the speakers and vibrates through the room as I send my taped fist into the punching bag repeatedly. It moves back and forth slightly as Henry holds it in place for me while telling me what to do.

“Faster Tater Tot!” Sven shouts over the music as he jumps rope a few feet away.

“Fuck off!” I growl under my breath but speed up anyway.

“Ignore him Sullivan, focus on the bag.” Henry says before he starts calling out moves for me to make.

I do them all quickly until he starts repeating them. My head snaps forward when I suddenly get smacked from behind. I look over to see Sven wearing tape on his hands as well while nodding to the ring. A glare forms on my face as he walks over. Couldn’t he have just told me? He didn’t have to fucking smack me, I think as I follow him slowly.

I put on the headgear and mouth piece as he pulls his own on. Henry pulls my gloves on for me before tightening them. My eyes wonder around my personal gym as Sven ties his gloves on. When Henry moves away I look over at my brother who is already looking at me. We walk forward slowly before bumping gloving and stepping back. I raise my gloves as he does the same before Henry gives us the go.

Sven quickly stalks forward and I move around him so I don’t get backed into the ropes. Letting him get close enough I dodge his attack before throwing my own back. Soon we’re in an all out war going back and forth with quick and strong punches. I land most of mine on the left side of his upper body and thankfully I'm smaller, meaning I'm faster so he only lands a few hits on my chest and one on my head. Fuck, I'm tired. He throws his arm out quickly and I duck only for him to uppercut the shit out of me and I go flying back before crashing to the ground with stars invading my vision.

“Fuck.” I moan and grab my head as it starts throbbing.

“Are you okay Sullivan?” Henry asks worriedly while kneeling next to me quickly.

“I'm fine.” I groan and close my eyes as he unbuckles my headgear and carefully takes it off.

“Shit, Sven you hit him too hard!” He growls as the music shuts off.

“He wasn’t paying attention.” Sven counters as I take a deep breath and try to relax.

“I think we’re good for today. We’ve been down here for 3 hours already.” Henry says while pulling off my gloves and throwing my arm over his shoulder to help me up.

Sven holds out a water bottle and I open my mouth for him to pour some in my mouth. The taste of blood is in my mouth so I gurgle the water before spitting it out in a bucket by the ring. My chest heaves with loud pants as I rest against the ropes and close my eyes. I run my hand through my sweaty hair before rolling out my shoulders as Sven pours the water over my head.

“You’re cleaning all this water up.” I say and he chuckles.

“Here Sullivan, you don’t want it swelling.” Henry says and hands me an icepack.

“Thanks, I'm going to take a bath.” I tell them while grabbing the icepack and ducking under the ropes before stepping out the ring.

“Um, Sullivan maybe you should wait until Rowan gets home.” Sven says making me roll my eyes.

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