Chapter 10: Snape's Stinger

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Chapter 10: Snape's Stinger

The next day, during Potions, Harley was trying to make what Snape liked to call a "Simple Floating Potion" and as Snape was traveling around, he stopped dead near the cauldron of Harley. "Ms. Granger I suggest you should not help Ms. Potter, even if it is her 1st year, here at Hogwarts," his voice seemed to slur. "I didn't help her, Professor," Hermione said. Snape didn't seem to mind her because he was looking at the inner wrist of Harley's right hand, which was stirring. "Oww!" Harley suddenly dropped the stirrer and clasped her wrist with her left hand. Hermione tried to stop Harley from clenching her fist and clasping her wrist but Harley didn't want to. Soon, she let go of her wrist, and Harry, Ron and Hermione  looked at the slightly red wrist. "That scar..." Ron said. "It looks just like..." Hermione continued. "Mine," Harry seemed to be shocked. Harley was still squinting because of the burning sensation.

"Why didn't you tell me you had that scar? And why didn't I notice it on the first place?" Harry was walking alongside his sister and his two best friends. "You didn't notice it and I didn't want to tell you," Harley said. "Wait, how and when did you get that scar?" Hermione asked. "The same night Harry got his, I suppose. I had a couple of nightmares which I thought never happened until I told Dumbledore about it. I was left on the front doorsteps of the house, the old nurse knocked on the door and tried to hurry back down the road, not to be seen,

"The next thing I knew, I was lifted up to  see a woman who had really green eyes who had tears in her eyes and hugged me tight. Then I saw a man carrying a bundle of blankets, he also had tears in his eyes. The man hugged me tight as well. I was slowly lowered to a crib, overhead, I saw a baby crib dial with stars and a moon swirling above.

"Then I suddenly felt the woman carry me with the other baby in the bundle of blankets and all I heard and saw next were "please don't---" and a green flash of light," They were now nearing Hagrid's hut when they stopped dead. "The woman was our mum, wasn't she? And the man was Dad, you were the baby in he blanket as well," Harry seemed to be dropped with a thousand weights. "Yeah, they were," Harry tried to comfort his sister as they knocked on the door. "Hagrid, it's us," Hermione said and the boor was opened by the giant man. "Come in, come in. Yer  the first students ter come here tehday," Hagrid said and saw the still saddened Harley. "Wha' happened?" he asked. Harley raised her right wrist to show the scar. "Oh, so they found out, huh?" Hagrid said silently and Harley nodded. "You knew about this?" Harry seemed shocked. "Ever since I saved yeh teh ou' of the rubble," Hagrid was petting Fang as he sat down. "Aren't yeh fou' a li'l bit teh early?" Hagrid seemed suspicious. "Snape let us out early, because of Harley's scar," Ron said. "What happened teh her scar?" Hagrid asked. "It seemed to burn when he seemed to stare at my wrist. I was pretty sure my scar was concealed by me sleve! How'd he know about it?" Harley seemed troubled."It burned like that when I was my first year too," He said as he touched his on scar.

"Another wrist snap, Potter?" Malfoy's sneering voice asked, mockingly as he mocked a squeel and was clutching his right wrist. "Oww! Oh dear!" he tried to mock Harley's voice. Harley this time, couldn't hold back, she was already clenching her wand when her brother knew what was going to happen next. "Don't," he said, "That's what he wants." Harry then pulled his sister to their next class.

During their dinner, Harley seemed distracted. "What's wrong, Harley?" Ginny asked. "Nothing, Ginny," Harley said as she poked her peas. "Oi!" Harry, Harley, Ginny, Ron and Hermione and practically everyone else were looking at Fred and George. They were both trying to hit each other with what ever they could touch with their hands. Harley looked at Ginny, "How on earth were you able to live with them for so long?" Harley chuckled as they started to eat.

Harley looked up to the teacher's area and Snape just lowered his goblet. He was then staring straight at Harley. Harley glared at him. Her scar was then again burning but she bit her bottom lip from screaming. She gave Snape her best death glare and turned away, She looked at her reddened lightning scarand tried to conceale it with her sleve. "Anything wrong, Harley?" Harry asked and Harley shook her haid no. Snape should be called SNAKE instead, she thought to herself, what ever's in those stinger of fangs he has, maybe he should keep it to himself.

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