{Slenderman X Reader}{ One Year }

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-Reader's POV-

I smiled gently as I felt the warm ocean breeze blowing on my face... almost like it was pushing me away from what I finally worked up the courage to do but that was comically cliche.

Two feet away from me was a ledge that stood just a bit over two hundred feet into the ocean. I wouldn't, under normal circumstances, consider this a reasonable choice of actions but alas, I wasn't having the best life as of currently. My family died in a robbery a month ago and, as sad as it is to admit, they were the only reason I hadn't done this before today. I have had suicidal tendencies since I was no older than a preteen and If I were to survive today, and well... the doctors at the hospitals already knew me by name anyway.

     I took a hesitant step forward but shook my head to clear my thoughts, there was absolutely no going back. That was fine. I just wanted my family back. I wanted there to be someone to call whenever I had to rough time at work. My relationship with my families were better at some moments than others but all families have their ups and downs. I was just tired at this point. The ledge under my bare feet shook and I felt it in my heart as I began to plummet. The air stung my eyes and cheeks as the rocks that were previously beneath my feet not even a minute ago fall alongside with me. I hated to have to ruin the breathing taking place with my corpse but I had to do what I had to do.

        I waited for my body to be submerged in the beautiful and warm water that I was admiring before the drop but after a matter of seconds, I peaked open my eyes when the embrace of the water never came.

The only thing that came was a faint static in the back of my head as I felt my clothed back touch the sand. My eyes scanned my surrounding only to find out that I was viewing the small area at the bottom of the ledge that could've been considered a beach. Water ran between my feet as tears collected in my eyes. I rubbed at them before screaming out in pure emotional pain. My frail hands rubbed my arms as tears hit my sheet, my body already curling in on itself. I shook as I yelled out, "I don't want to live! They're GONE. Whether I live or die is none of your business. I have NO REASON to live!" I grabbed at sand before throwing it into the ocean. I probably looked stupid right now but I didn't exactly care.

       "No reason to live?" A static-like voice echoed in my head. It made my head sting which resulted in sand covered hands coming up to cover my ears. That didn't help as I looked around until they landed on this... thing. It stood tall at an easy 8 feet with limbs longer than any other human I've ever seen. It was entirely white except for the classical suit and tie with a blank face. I held eye contact with it's blank face until it spoke once again.

"I highly doubt you have no reason to live. Even the average worthless person has some worth in some way. If if that sounds kind of an... opposing phrase." I furrowed my brow at him in frustration as I spoke, "Maybe so but I want to die. Everyone I loved is dead." My face flushed as my memories came back of my family, tears in my eyes again. The killer made no move to speak or talk to me until it took a step forward.

"I'll make you a deal." I risked a suspicious look at him until he continued, "I will give your life purpose. You will work for me. In return, you shall not kill yourself." I pondered the thought for a second as I crossed my arms, "Why does it matter to you?"

"I have found some sort of person in you. I believe in you. I can't reveal my true intentions yet but I can assure you, they are not malicious." Tears collected my eyes for the last time as I nodded, a small smile playing on my face, "(Y/n)." He took a step forward, swiftly moving so he was crouching down a bit more to my level, "Slenderman."

-- 1 Year Time Skip --

Ben continued to follow me around like a lost puppy as he pestered me with irrelevant and perverted questions, "NO BEN! I have NOT made a porno, you lil' pervert. Now stop asking it before Sally picks up your fowl language." I quickly crossed my arms in Ben's direction as he carried his camera with him, "Then you totally sh-" He started with a shit eating grin on his face, "No." He let out a mocking 'noooo' before moving to trail behind Jane as she made an entrance. I made my way into the previously cleaned kitchen that smelled lightly of bleach where Slender, as I've come to call him, stood making spagetti. I bit my lip in a playful manner before going to grab his waist. He interrupted my action though, "(Y/n). Do not make me mess up the spagetti." I pouted in a childish manner before stomping, "I wouldn't have to scare you while you're doing stuff if you humored me more often."

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