Bella's POV

I woke up and remembered last night. I smiled and saw Nat sleeping peacefully, grinning like an idiot in her sleep. She must be dreaming about Trevor. I went downstair, saw Trevor with a big smile on his face, and asked "So what happened last night with you and Nat, she is smiling in her sleep." "She went on the same kind of thing that you did with the different Magcon boys, she arrived at a park, we talked a lot, came back to the O2L house, watched some movies, and cuddled." "Are you making breakfast?" I asked "Yeah, I am. Do you want some?" "I have a better idea." I stated. We went upstairs, I told Trevor the plan, he grabbed the pancakes, put the whip cream on them, went to Nat, smiling at how cute she is, and smacking her face with the pancakes and yelling "SMACKCAM!" I think everyone heard because they ran to our room and starting laughing histerically. "Lets go eat the food now" Nat said after putting on sweatpants and a t-shirt. We went downstairs and ate "wow Moran, you're a good cook" "thanks, anything for you babe" he attempted to whisper, but failed miserably. Everyone heard and Connor giggled and said "I totally ship Never!" "horibble ship name bro, but I guess it works" JC comented. I started cracking up and everyone looked at me like I was crazy, exept for Nat who looked down and started blushing like crazy "okay, so when we were 13, Nat had the biggest crush on you, every time someone offended you, she would turn into hulk. Our friends used to say Never to her and she would freak. I used to say it as a punn because I NEVER thought that you guys would actually meet, I also NEVER thought that you wouldn't just think of her as a crazy fangirl that couldn't keep her mouth shut!" Everyone started laughing, including Trevor. I hope this makes Trevor like her even more. 

Trevor's POV

After Bella told the story about how Nat had the biggest crush on me, I wanted to make her mine. I knew she liked me now, and I don't think Bella knows, I have had a huge crush on her since before we met. She has this small youtube channel, I came across it one day and listened to her cover of 'I Miss You' by Blink 182 and instantly fell in love. I have watched all of her videos and covers, she is an amazing singer and I am going to ask her to do a duet with me. I wrote the song and have been looking for the perfect girl to sing it with me.

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