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its immaturity

1 week later

fan: take this down rn please

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fan: take this down rn please.

fan: if they wanted us to know they would have told us

fan: this is such an invasion of privacy

jhuxhold: delete this asap.
fan: @jhuxhold oop-

fan: @vhackerr @milo.roseee

fan: this is so disrespectful

fan: why was she in the hospital though?
fan: @fan i heard it was an accident
fan: @fan me too

vhackerr: take this down.
fan: @vhackerr oh shit
fan: @vhackerr its true?
fan: @vhackerr aww omg 🥺

fan: poor babies. their still young

fan: what did we tell you about protection vinegar

fan: this is so upsetting that this is what we've come too.

milo.roseee: 2020 is great, am i right?
fan: @milo.roseee aww are you okay?
fan: @milo.roseee is it true?

a good thing was that she had already told her bestfriends about the pregnany so it wasnt too much of a shock. as milo put her phone down, it started vibrating. she picked it up and saw vinnie's contact.

vincent 🥺 🖤
would like to facetime...

decline answer

"are you okay?" he asked instantly.
"you want me to come over?"
"gimme 10 minutes"

as she looked at her phone, she realized that she had never properly changed his name since they broke up. they still didnt know what they were. as of now, they were just friends.

in less than 10 minutes, vinnie was in her room with the small crying girl in his arms.

"its okay. people are just like that you know? were verified on tiktok and now everyone wants to know our personal life and they'll stoop really fucking low to know"
"i know but they didnt have to bring it up. they dont even know the full story" she said through tears.
"shh, its okay, your alright. we can tell them okay? i'll be right here with you and then maybe they'll shut up"
"yeah. maybe"
"they will okay?"

she nodded as he continued holding her. she cried in his arms as he tried to hold back his own. he never liked to see her cry and especially about this.

she ended up falling asleep per usual as he scrolled through his phone. he was trying to ignore everything he was being tagged in but honestly, it was one of the hardest things for him.

an hour later, milo was setting up her live. vinnie was sitting behind the phone so no one could see him.

she started it and instantly, people started pouring in. she waited until the numbers stopped increasing rapidly.

"okay so i can already see the comments and i know why your here so, im going to explain it. yes, i was in the hospital. i was in a car accident and yeah. some one my close friends came to see me" she said before glancing over the comments.
"while i was there... i did find out i was pregnant. i didnt want this to get out but now that it happened, im going to tell you all everything. so from that crash, i was in a very bad state. i was on tons of machines and everything they could think of but, i uh- you wont believe me but i ended up dying. somehow, it was only for 30 minutes. i wish i knew how but, here i am today. the only bad thing is, i am... no longer pregnant" she scanned over the chat as everyone said they were sorry.
"so please, i did that just to get this out and off my mind. i just really dont want to talk about this anymore or bring it up so.. yeah"

she ended the live after a few more minutes and vinnie instantly engulfed her in his arms.

"you did amazing" he said as he kissed the top of her head.

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