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The cold moonlight shone into Levi's bland bedroom/office. After his lunch session with the commander, he completed his tasks speedily. Time seamed to fly by when he had swept and organized his now clean room. Seconds clustered into hours somehow, the clock now reading 3:00 in the morning. Levi had cleared his schedule for the day, and decided upon resting alongside wooden desk. 

Stacks upon stacks of legal documents awaited signatures, reevaluations and much more. Levi groaned in agitation, as he had lacked both the energy and attention span for this troublesome chore. His quill and ink caught his attention, seaming to almost beg for usage. 

"Might as well get this shit over with." Levi exhaled, adjusting his posture. 

It is a well known rumor in the Survey Corps that captain Levi Ackerman never slept. Many have claimed seeing the man walking down the halls at absurd times, of which included 2 or 4 in the morning. These rumors have credibility to them. Levi suffered from insomnia, therefore had constant trouble falling asleep. Most of the time when he did manage to, he partook in vivid nightmares. 

Levi could be found drinking tea, doing his tasks and even refining his blade skills at 1 in the morning. Somehow, he still preformed substantially well in battle, despite the fact that he sleeps 2 hours maximum a day. Who knows how powerful the captain would be with a full 8 hours of rest.

Levi picked up a document from the mountain of papers and read the title line; 




This paper had previously been filled out by Hanji, however she awaited Levi's signature to confirm the document was credited. This was a Killed in Action and Missing in Action report. 

Levi widened his eyes at the contents. Seemingly endless names were listed in an orderly fashion, at the least 200. He flipped the paper over, only to find 100 more names visible. These were the deaths under Levi's command after a large scale mission gone wrong, hence why Hanji awaited his signature. 

Levi remembered every single person on this list. 





Tears began to well up, picking at Levi's eyes. He didn't dare read further, and so he signed his name on the document quickly, then cast it aside into the Completed  pile as soon as he could. 

The original Squad Levi squad was dead, and it was all his fault. Those who he held so dear forcefully ripped away by the monsters that lurked beyond the protective walls. 

Levi raised himself from the chair in which he was seated and made his way to his bathroom. He needed to wash his now teary complexion, something he found himself doing more and more recently.

On his way, the man passed his own reflection displayed on a tall mirror. The looking glass captured his body from head to toe. Levi met his own gaze and scoffed in disgust. 

How could people admire such a revulsive person such as himself? 

Levi had deep black bags under his small grey eyes. His black greasy hair stuck to his forehead like glue. His height that of a 14 year old child. He was excessively slim and pale, his bones protruding from his skin. The only thing that made up for it somewhat was his muscles, which he worked endlessly every day to maintain. 

Levi believed he did not warrant his position in the Survey Corps. The captain knew all too well he was a murderer who lead people's friends, family members and loved ones to their deaths, giving them the overused phrase to justify his actions; 

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