Chapter 53: Clove

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He looks me and Johanna over us, as if he were hungry and walks towards us with a gun pointed at my face. I look at Cato who steps in front of me protectively. I hold his hand tightly.

"What do you want?" Cato asks, almost growling. I look over his shoulder with much difficulty and see him still pointing at us. He smirks when he sees me and I hide back behind Cato.

"What I want, is my little mutt and my sluts back" he says, like he owns us. I look at him bitterly and he smirks. I step in front of Cato and wink at him quickly. I run to Cornibus and hug him tightly, a little too tightly. He screams in pain and I try to get at his throat. I try to either suffocate him or break his neck but he starts to hold me tightly so I can barely breathe. I fall back and he smirks down at me. Cato lunges at him and I scream. Cato grabs him by the neck and he drops his gun. Johanna grabs the gun and holds it to his head.

"Cato let go of him" she says carefully and he glares at her. He backs away and Corbinus falls limp to the ground. Johanna shoots his head just in case. I smirk down at him and we continue to sneak, and for Cato limp, back to the hotel. I hear gunshots every where and start to feel giddy.

"We should report to Commander and then we can fight" Johanna says smirking at my evil smirk. I laugh and we continue to the hotel taking a break to shoot down some more peace-keepers. I hear gun shots firing past us and we run into some covered area so we don't get shot.

"Clove and I will sneak past the shooting and get some reinforcements to go farther into the Capitol" Cato says surely and everyone agrees. I walk with Cato up to the hotel and he screams in pain.

"Cato?" I ask and look over at his back. He's been shot and I feel a pang of guilt rising in my chest. He back is bleeding furiously and there's no sign that he'll stop bleeding.

"Clove, I'm okay" he says weakly and I try for a smile, tears flooding my eyes. I run inside making sure he's okay and go as fast as I can to get Commander. He's just been shot, or maybe cut in the leg, but now he's been shot in the back.

"Commander! Cato's been shot!" he looks alarmed and talks into his ear-piece. We run down to Cato and he looks only half-conscious. He smiles weakly and his eyes flutter closed and open repeatedly. Johanna and Laylah run up to us and look down at Cato, pain in their eyes.

"A hover-craft will be here in minutes" I look into Cato's paler blue eyes and he smiles up to me. I take off my jacket, feeling awkward, and wrap in as tightly as I can around Cato's back. He groans in pain and the hover-craft hovers above us and lands in a field around the side. 4 men grab Cato gently and lift him on a make-shift stretcher. We walk, my hand in his slowly fading one, onto the hover-craft.

"He's going to be okay, right?" I ask forcefully and Cato chuckles weakly. They shrug but look down at Cato, with hope. I smile and lay next to Cato as the hover-craft flies over the mountains to the entrance of District 13.

"We're here, please unload and we'll get him off after you" I nod, letting go of his hand briefly and hop off the hover-craft. I grab Cato's hand as soon as he's lifted and we walk to the medical department of 13.

"Cato are you still with us?" one of the doctors ask urgently and Cato nods weakly. I squeeze his hand tightly "We need to take off your shirt is that okay?" the doctor asks with a hint of nervousness. Cato eventually nods and the slowly strip him of his shirt.

"We have to remove the bullet so Clove could you please step out?" another doctor asks, well demands. I shake my hand and he shrugs. I look into his constantly flickering icy blue eyes and he flinches a few times and sighs. "The bullet's out but we have to stitch you up still" the main doctor says in a sort of warning tone.

"I love you Cato, I'm so sorry" I say almost crying. He strokes my cheek weakly and smiles. He spazes quickly but recovers weakly.

"He's all done. I would recommend he go to sleep" the doctor says, as if he's telling me to leave. I nod but curl up next to Cato, carefully. I try to sleep and stay up past Cato, who goes to sleep almost immediately.

"I love you Cato" I whisper to both of us and I can finally sleep. I don't dream I only hear gunshots from everywhere around me. 

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