Chapter 18

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*Just as Katiana pulls the trigger Steph feels like the wind has been knocked out of her as she hits the ground. Stephanie touches her body searching for a wound but feels nothing. She then looks around in confusion. As she looks around she sees Roc and Emerald on the ground, Roc is rolling to his side.

Steph- *Crying* no!!! no no no Roc!! *grabs him and lays his head on her lap. She then looks at her hand to see blood* Oh God no please please! *says while pleading to god*

Katiana- no! I didn't want to shoot him! I wanted to kill you!! *She then starts to panic and cry*

Tyanna- What the hell is wrong with you!! Why are you such a heartless person!

Katiana- I didnt mean to shoot him

Michy- Emerald are you ok? *helps her up*

Emerald- yea

Ray Ray- I thought you hated your sister... why would you push her out of the way??

Emerald- I dont hate her... I just couldnt see her get hurt. But her boyfriend looks like he felt the same way. Oh god I hope hes ok

*Everyone stands around holding each other while crying and praying*

Steph- Roc!! *starts rocking him back and forth* baby please dont die on me. Talk to me please!

Roc- *opens his eyes* I think im fine *has a pained look on his face*

Steph- you dont look fine *looks at him while sobbing* just promise me you will hang on for as long as you can. I'm gunna try to get you to hospital

Roc- ugh I will try my ugh best but I think its just my shoulder

Emerald- hes losing a lot of blood

Khalil- We gotta get him to the hospital

Katiana- I am so sorry *Katiana regrets ever trying to kill anyone. She looks at her cousin and thinks about all the good times they had*

*flashback... 5 years ago when Katiana and Steph were 14

*Katiana is crying at her door stoop when Stephanie walks over

Steph- Hey cuzo I have some great news *says energeticly, then she notices Katie is crying* Whats wrong girlie??

Katie- Chris broke up with me *sobbing*

Steph- aww *has a sad look on her face* well it's his loss... Your a great girl, he will see what he gave up

Katiana- your just saying that... He broke up with me for brooke

Steph- *laughs*

Katie- are you seriously laughing at me?

Steph- no im laughing because he broke up with you, a smart, pretty, talented, and funny girl to go out with a blonde pencil with ballons for boobs... I take that pencil part back, a pencil is smarter then her.

Katiana- *they both are laughing* Thanks

Steph- for what?

Katie- for being here for me and making me feel better. I can always count on you.

Steph- aww your so cheesy

Katiana- I'm serious.. Your a true friend and an even better cousin

Steph- aww your gunna make me cry, tear. *laughs* any time cuzo *they hug each other*

Katie- So what was your news?

Steph- ah forget about me... Today is all about you... I'm gunna cheer you up and make you forget about stupid Chris. What do you want to do??

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