act one ; nightmares through reality

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Far in the corner of a dark classroom, illuminated only by the brightness under the moonlight, a girl slept peacefully on the desk. With her arms acting as a headrest, she rested her head on them. Light snores left her pink lips as she breathed in the night air.

"Aaaah! Someone help me, please-!" A shrill scream jolted you awake, your (e/c) eyes taking in your surroundings. Your eyes widened in realisation. With slight panic adorning your features, you fumbled with your school bag in search for your phone.

'12.30 am...How the hell did I got left in class?'

You scratched your head, reminiscing any memory from the last time you were still with people in the class. The face of your boring history teacher teaching his lesson came into mind and you concluded that you must have fallen asleep mid-class until now. An irk mark appeared on your forehead, suddenly remembering the faces of your classmates.

'20 students in a whole class and no one even bothered to wake me up? How kind of them.'
You rolled your eyes, proceeding to pack up things into your bag. Complaining isn't gonna help anyway.

Just as you were about to zip your bag, a sudden chill rode up your spine. Your body froze in place with your five senses heightened due to a sudden fear growing within. Your legs begin to tremble, feeling a strong dangerous presence heading your way. Footsteps echoed in the school corridors, with each step increasingly louder than before.

Tears stung your eyelids and you clasped a hand to your mouth, opting to keep them firmly shut as if a single breath would bring you to your doom. You proceeded to crawl underneath the teacher's desk, the only place available to hide.

"Where are you, little one? I can smell your flesh from a mile away..."
A raspy voice bounced through the walls. Your body trembled and you quickly shut your eyes, hoping for this nightmare to end.

A few minutes passed and suddenly, it was quiet. Only the slight clicks of the clock hung on the classroom wall and your breathing filled your ears. You felt your body relax slightly. Slowly opening your eyes, you adjusted to the view in front of you.

"I found you," A large grin spread across a disgusting face of an abomination, its eyes crinkling in delight seeing the girl's terrified face. Its hands rushed to grab onto your cheeks harshly, making you yelp in pain. Your hands struggled against its strong grip on your cheeks whilst you started swinging your legs violently, hoping to get a solid hit on the monster.

"Let go of me!" You screamed. Your eyes watered and your heart crashes against your ribcage repeatedly from the sheer panic you felt. The monster used one of it's many arms to capture your swinging legs and lifted you upside down. The countless hands on its body extended to you, starting to grope your body in different places. You gritted your teeth, face red in anger and eyes desperately pleading for help.
"S-Shit! Someone please-!" You used the last strip of your energy to cry for help.

Your vision began to blur, a hand choking your neck and restricting your airflow. You almost didn't see another girl around your age suffering the same fate but she was already unconcious.

'Is this it? Is this the way I die?' 
You thought as you felt all parts of your body being squeezed harshly.
'I haven't even gotten the chance to meet the guy of my dreams yet...' 
Your body felt heavy and you felt yourself slowly succumbing to the fatigue. Your vision almost darkened completely before a loud crash was heard through the window next to the monster.

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