chapter one

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The Breakfast Club. 

Grace's POV:

"Come on genius!" I skipped ahead from Spencer as he dragged behind in the parking garage. 

"Slow down! It's not like you have anywhere to be right now!" he snapped back, reaching for his keys that were buried within the bag slung across his chest. 

It was finally Friday night, which meant sushi and a movie at my apartment. This had been Spencer and I's tradition for nearly the past two years. We always grabbed something to eat after work and then headed back to my apartment to watch a movie. 

"So, where do you want to grab dinner from?" Spencer asked, backing out of the parking spot as I fastened my seat belt. 

"I was thinking sushi." 

"Again? Don't you ever get sick and tired of that?" 

"Not sushi, but you? Yes all the time." I giggled making Spencer roll his eyes. We, well I mean at least I, always took cheap shots at Spencer making fun of him any chance I got. 

"Fine, tacos it is." Spencer pulled a u-turn, heading back to the only taco truck in town. 

"You suck!" I punched his arm before sitting back in the seat with my arms crossed. 

As Spencer drove, I hooked my phone up to the aux, leaving him with no choice but to listen to my horrible music. I scrolled through my playlists, unable to decide which one to put on, so I shuffled my throwbacks playlist. 

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me!" I screamed the lyrics, Spencer hating every second of it. 

"Okay," he paused the song. "That is enough sex talk for one night." 

"Hey! I like that song!" I grabbed the phone from his hand. 

"But I bet you wouldn't like to do what they talk about in there." he pulled into the parking lot where the taco truck was parked. 

"Not with you." I rolled my eyes, unplugging my phone. 

After Spencer parked, I grabbed my purse, slinging it around my body as I got out of the car. Of course, Spencer had to park far away, as he always did, making the walk miserable each time. 

"You know, I don't get why you have to park so far away." I folded my arms around my body, trying to warm myself up. 

"What? Are you cold or something?" Spencer looked at my like I was insane, chattering my teeth. 

"Freezing." I mumbled, rubbing my hands together. 

"Come here." Spencer walked closer to me. 

I pushed him away. "You're gross." 

"Fine then, stay cold." he mumbled, walking up to the taco truck. 

"We'll have four chicken tacos please." Spencer ordered as he slung his arm around me, keeping me warm. 

"You're warm." I giggled as we waited for our dinner. 

Spencer stood there keeping me tucked into his arm, which was much better than standing alone. Usually it was never this cold in Quantico, but the weather had been absolutely bonkers lately, which was horrible. 

After we waited at least ten minutes in the absolute freezing weather, Spencer drove us back to my apartment to eat dinner and watch a movie. 

"No give me the remote!" Spencer and I fought over who got to choose the movie, as we always seemed to. 

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