Chapter 14

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Ollie pov
When I woke up, it was late the next day, and school had already ended. well. at least i was feeling better.
Tama-chan was organizing his teddy bear collection so I decided I better not disturb him. I went to the park instead. It was a commoners park, full of commoners. like Haruhi! She's really sweet. I ship her with my brother.
Sitting down on the swings, I sighed. I didn't get a lot of chances to think alone very often.
And just when I was getting really absorbed in my thoughts, a girl about my age came running out of nowhere. "Hiiiiiiii!!! In Renge! What's your name???"
I greeted the bubbly girl as she sat on the swing next to me.
"I'm Ollie! I go to Ouran Academy. Where do you go?" She didn't look like a commoner, so maybe she went to Lobelia or something.
"I go there too!! Or, I'm going to. I just moved here from France!"
"Really? You speak French?"
"Yeah! Do you?" She seemed surprised that I knew french.
We talked in French for a while, since it was both of our first languages.
"I'll see you at school tomorrow Ollie!!!" Renge waved and skipped off.
She was here to meet Mommy. huh. I wonder how he will react.

~~~timeskip brought to you by: Killua-Kun! ~~~

After a horrible day of lessons I didn't understand and Takashi had to explain, it was finally host club time. Renge-chan was in Haruhi's class, so she hasn't seen Mommy yet.
Takashi and I walked hand in hand with Mitsukuni on my shoulders.
When we got there girls squealed and parted for us to get to their stations. Usually I walked around, but spent most of my time with Takashi and Mitsukuni.
Although about half way through Hosting, a wild Renge appeared.
"RENGE!!!!!!!!" She squeezed me until I couldn't breathe. Takashi had to rescue me from her tight grip.
"Olli-bear? Who is this?" He went up to her and she almost smacked him. but I wouldn't let that happen. I got in the way and she slapped me right across the face.
"Omg!! Ollie! I was trying to smack the faker not you!"
"Yeah well that faker is my brother. don't hurt him please. or any of my friends. thank you." I gave her a tight, close eyed smile and she ran to Mommy.
"Oliver? Are you okay?" Takashi grabbed my face gently and tilted it upward. ohmygodohmygodohmygod.
"Y-Yes I think so..." The girls in the backround squealed at our cute moment and I blushed.
"Are you sure? She hit you pretty hard. I know your tough, but that would've hurt Chuck Norris." he's so funny when he talks ahhhhhh.
"Yeah I think I'm fine." I giggled softly, with my face sTILL IN HIS HANDS.
"Alright." He kissed my cheek where Renge slapped me and everyone started screaming. ohhhhhhhhmmyyyyygosssshhhhhh agh!
"Ollie-chan? Can I have a kiss too?" Mitsukuni asked me with puppy dog eyes.
"Oh but of course!" I kissed his cheek and he smiled.
"Thank you Ollie-chan!!!!!!!!"
This gave Tamato an idea and he asked Haruhi to kiss him on the cheek, to which she bluntly objected. Poor Tamato!
Renge then decided that Haruhi was her favourite instead, and skipped off, dragging poor Haru-chan with her.

Timeskip brought to you by Oliver ~(-0-)~
When Renge got back with her awful cookies, she decided we were all 'lukewarm' and we needed a bad past. I didn't really listen because I have a hard time focusing and instead thought about my friends in America and my mother in France.
"And Oliver! You are the fearless protecter, you may seem small and innocent, but you are ready to die for your friends!" Ouch. low blow on that one. She pretty much nailed me straight on.
So when it actually came to time to film, I was starting to feel the full effects of my anxiety and ADHD. I couldn't lol at anything for too long, changed the subject a lot when I talked, and starting shaking a little. Relax Oliver. It's just some stupid filming thing. Soon enough I calmed down and went along with it. All I had to do was jump in front of Haruhi when she was about to get beat up by Mitsukuni and cry when I couldn't protect Kaoru during basketball. it wasn't hard at all. and I was just hanging out with those shady twins, talking and laughing about how stupid this whole thing was, when I heard Haruhi scream. and that was it. I went into Autopilot. I raced over to where Haruhi was and beat some losers to a pulp. I had to be physically restrained by Mitsukuni before I even came to my senses.
"What just happened? Where am I? Why are you holding my arms like that Mitsukuni? Why are those two guys beaten up?"
"We were just sitting there talking until we heard Haruhi scream, your eyes went dark and you ran over to her faster than I've ever seen anyone run. you beat these guys up and Honey-Senpai had to hold you back because you wouldn't stop." Kaoru whispered the last part, he seemed afraid.
"I'm sorry. I guess I went into Autopilot and couldn't control myself. it happens sometimes when people I love get hurt. I'm sorry for causing trouble and/or scaring anyone. I guess I should go back to the doctor..."
"You have an appointment for tomorrow anyway, Ollie Bear." Tamato put in helpfully.
I must have really scared everyone, as they were pretty silent for a long time. Haruhi called me after school and we talked.
"It was pretty scary Ollie-senpai. You looked like you were going to kill someone. But it's okay, I get it. and the club will get over it. everyone really cares about you, Senpai. its really nice having another girl around too. And you're not as stupid as your brother, so you're easier to be around." Haru-chan was so sweet. I'm glad she's my friend. After talking for about another hour, it was very late and we still had school tomorrow. so we said our short-lived goodbyes and went to sleep.

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