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I was on the phone talking to My dad, When Autumn came in the room with the puppy and smiled

"Hey, you. What you smiling about?"

"Nothing. Yo, I snapped on Chresanto"

"Hold on, Daddy imma calling you back."

"Alright, Princess."

I hung up my phone and looked at Autumn, "For what?"

"First he was acting like I didn't exist, like he didn't know I lived next door to him and He started asking about Desiree. He said she was in the group with me"

"N'Lyss!?" I asked her

"Yes, no damn well that cockroach is not even fit to be a N'Lyss."

I laughed, "What he say after you told him off?"

"I didn't wait for a response, I just walked down the street." she said petting the puppy

"You is something." I said laughing

"I know I am, I'm Autumn. Autumn means beautiful, different, colorful, and special."

"You right!" I said hugging her

"Awe, look at y'all too yungins." August said coming and sitting down

"Hey Auggy!" I said

"Hey Yungin, How'd your sleep go? You slept til 3." he said laughing

"I was so tired." I said, "But, I slept great"

"That's good, Y'all want to go bowling tomorrow?" He asked us

"Yeah that'll be cool." we said smiling

"Alright, y'all got your things picked out for school tomorrow?"

"Yep! Aye, you know I have my drivers ed test tomorrow!" I said smiling

"For real?"

"Yep and I'm excited! If I get this, Can I drive your car to school?"

"Depends. Your parents probably already got you a car, But until than yes you can drive my car."

"Yas!!" I said smiling

"Anyways, y'all yungins get ready for bed. Autumn, baby girl you okay?" He asked looking over at her

She just nodded and went over to her bed and pulled the covers back and laid down, he looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

He got up and walked across the room to her bed and sat on it and whispered something to her

"I'm good daddy." she said

"Tell me what's wrong." he said

"Guy trouble." he questioned

I chuckled lowly and nodded yup to myself

"Nope" she lied

I started to go and say some but I ain't getting in that, I walked out the room and went and sat next to mama on her bed

"Hey Baby!"

"Hey mama, what's up?"

"Nothing just watching tv"

"Mama, Autumn told me she had this dream about Mel."

"She did?"

"Yeah but she wouldn't go into details."

"Was it good!?"

I smiled and said, "Yeah, she says it was a good dream."

"Than as long as it was good that's all that matters."

"Yeah but she been acting quite weirder than usual" I said with a laugh

"You know how Autumn is, she just that type of girl. She loves to meditate she gets all that from her dad."

"How did Mel die?" I asked her

"He was murdered." mama said


"Baby, life isn't always fair. People don't care anything about you and sometimes they'll just kill you because they know they can. But, no one will hurt you guys and I can promise you that."

"Is it because he's watching over us?"

"Yeah, we all have our guardian angels."

I smiled and kissed her cheek, "Goodnight mama"

"Goodnight baby and Good luck tomorrow."

"Fingers crossed." I said smiling and going into MJ room

He was sleep on the floor, I smiled and picked him up and laid him in the bed and laid the puppy beside him and went into the bedroom

"Goodnight yungings." August said

"Goodnight" I said as he left

"Autumn, you okay?" I asked going and sitting on her bed

She just smiled and nodded

"Okay goodnight"

"Goodnight" she said

I laid beside her and we went to sleep

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