Chapter 1

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??? POV

I was standing outside an abandoned gas stations.

I looked at the massive pile of wood, heard a distant helicopter. The entire pile was covered in gasoline and had filled gas canisters around in in a circle.

I then lit a match, dropping it on the pile before I ran for my hiding spot.

Now to wait.

Time skip

Dark Elf POV

The helicopter landed and myself and a few other elves got off. These humans were so easy to conquer. And they had amazing technology to boot.

As we neared the signal, a giant mass of burning wood, I noticed how there was no one nearby. And as the others surrounded it, looking in confusion I noticed all the gas.

Me; Wait, get out of-

*Bang* *BOOM*

I was launched backwards from the force of the explosion. I felt pain down below and more from the superheated air.

So I then laid on the ground, in pain. I couldn't fell my legs.

I looked down in panic, only to see them cooked from the flames, a couple feet away.

I then felt a force pushing me down and a barrel to my head. A picture was the put in front of my eyes. It was of an older male and a younger on.

I looked to the source, seeing the younger male standing there, with little remorse on his face. He wore a pair of black sunglasses, with zip up hoodie. Underneath was a black shirt and gray sweatpants.

Male: listen here you dirty dark elf. Do you have any knowledge of this man?

Elf: no. At this point, he'd be a nothing more sex slave to us. You all are beneath us

Maybe I can convince him to let me live, and then I'll come back to capture him, once I get new legs.

His face turned into a smirked and he lowed his sunglasses, to show me e/c eyes that seemed to glow. They glew with a dangerous fire behind them,.

My comment only seemed to anger him.

Male: I hope you know I was gonna make your death quick

He holstered the pistol and put away his photo. He then bent down.

Male: but now, I'm gonna savor this

He then grabbed my arm and in one swift, clean motion, snapped it in two.

I screamed out in pain as he moved over and grabbed my other arm.

Male; oh don't worry, you still have the other one

Then he snapped that one too, causing me to scream in pain.

Male: oops, I guess not

He then picked me up and carried me towards the massive fire. At this point I was crying from all the pain.

Male: bye bye bitch

He then threw me on the fire and as i screamed and burned to death, I saw his face holding an evil smirk as he waved bye.


After I killed that dark elf, I went around, checking what remained of each body. Just as I had thought, they were all dead.

So I let the fire burn, packing up the items I had out before continuing on my journey to find my father.

Time skip

I found another abandoned town. It was dead empty. So they first thing I did was find the grocery store.

I entered, seeing broken glass and food scattered everywhere.

I grabbed my ak, before doing a complete search the the building just in case. Nothing.

So I found a kitchen, threw my bag on the counter and started searching the store, eventually finding the canned isle.

I grabbed a few cans of beans, taking them back to the kitchen and threw them in a pot to cook.

As I did that I found an old phone, which still had some charge on it.

So I turned it on, before searching for some decent music.

My dad always said to enjoy the smaller things in life.

As I waited for my beans to boil, I heard footsteps.

???: well well well. Looks like someone stumbled into my web

I turned around, seeing a Arachne.

Y/n: huh, I thought I checked the entire building

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Y/n: huh, I thought I checked the entire building

Arachne: did you check the roof?

I went silent.

Y/n:....SHIT! Alright then. I assume you're gonna capture me and rape me?

Arachne: for the most part. You're gonna make such a nice submissive pet

Y/n: yeah lady, I don't do that

I reached my belt for my gun, only to remember I put it down with my stuff.

Y/n: well then. I don't have my weapons

I started to back up, before eventually feeling the stove behind me.

Arachne: then this will be easier than I thought

She moved forward, webs ready to stick me. I snaked my hand up the stove, grabbing the pot of beans by the handle.

Y/n: but as I said, I don't do that

I pulled it from behind me, flinging the hot beans into her face.

She yelled in pain.

Arachne; you bitch

I raised the pot over my head. Then I brought it down on her head.


Alright. That's the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed and have a good morning evening or afternoon

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