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I was walking down the street with my little puppy and my brother, Mj. I couldn't do the things I was plan on doing because MJ is scary lol, I usually go to the abandoned building and think to myself and sometimes sit on the roof top of our house but, I couldn't do it with MJ because he's so little. And, I'd be scared he'd fall

I thought about the dream I had last night, I would've told daddy but I know how he gets when he talks about uncle Mel, And I don't want him sad so I didn't tell him, Only person I told about me having a dream was April and TJ, Just ain't told them what it was about.

"Hey, Autumn right?" I heard someone call out for me

I turned around and seen Chresanto, He smiled and walked over to the side of the street I was on

"Hey, And yeah it's Autumn." I said

"Yeah you my next door neighbor?"

"Yeah, been your next door neighbor for about 2 months now.." I said aggravated

"My bad, Don't really pay attention to much." he said

"Yeah I see. " I said

"This your brother?" He asked

"Yeah, this is MJ." I said

"Hey what's up lil man?"

He reached down to shake MJ hand but the dog grawled and I felt that presence again

"I'm sorry he usually doesn't do this."

"It's cool, I'm a stranger." he said smiling

"Yeah, but you in that group N'Lyss?"

"Yeah, that's us" I said smiling

"That's cool, You know a girl name Desiree?"

"Yeah I know her but I don't talk to her, why?" I asked getting a little attitude

"Thought she was in the group with y'all."

"Nigga do you see me hanging with her? Do she sit with us at lunch? No she doesn't. She lied to you, Desiree doesn't do anything but lie. Nobody likes her because she's an asshole." I said walking away

"Come on, MJ!"

MJ ran close behind with the puppy

"Stop" MJ said laughing

"MJ, who you telling to stop?"

"Uncle Mel"

"what you mean?"

"Uncle Mel is laughing at you." he said

"What you mean?" I asked

"He says, you are his niece alright." he said

"MJ are you some type of ghost whisperer or something? You Been watching to much tv." I said rubbing my hands through his hair and walking up to the abandoned house

"Don't go in there, that's scary." he said to me

"I usually go but I got you with me so I'm not going, Come on let's go home." I said

"He says he loves you " MJ said

"I know he loves me, MJ and I love him too." I said

"How come he only comes to me?" MJ asked me

"He comes to me too but only in dreams. And you're still young and you believe in imaginary friends just like I did so you able to see him in broad daylight" I said grabbing his free hand

"Well explained." MJ said

"MJ, how did you know that big word?"

"What big word?"

"Explained" I said smiling

"I didn't say that, I don't know how." he said

"MJ stop playing." I said

"Sissy I'm not playing I didn't say that, I don't know what I would be saying it for."

"Oh k little dude, Is uncle Mel here now?"

He looked around and smiled, "He's right next to you, his arms is around your neck"

I felt the gesture of his arm and I smiled, "Uncle Mel, why are you coming to us?"

"Just want to look after my yungins. Y'all getting big and I'm talk guardian angel. I'm not here to scare you guys." MJ spoke

I looked at MJ.

"I love you, uncle mel."

"I love you too " MJ said

Whoa, that was kinds scary.


"Yeah?" MJ said

"Do you remember what you just said?"

"No" he said

How come he don't remember? Oh well, I don't know Uncle Mel but i know he's here to protect us

"Is he gone?" I asked MJ

"Yeah" MJ said

"Okay well let's go inside."

A/N lol was watching Ghost Whisperer and I was like id be cool to uses some of the ideas, it's not scary it's just Mel is protecting the kids and talking to them through dreams and the only one can see him and hear him is MJ because he's still a child.

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