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What's up though? You already know who it is Tremaine Aldon Neverson Jr aka TJ aka TJ Da Baller. I just got over here at my auntie Maya's who she more like a mother to me, I call her mama when my mom ain't around, But it's all good though cause it makes Auntie smile and that's what I like to see on her.

"Hey Sistas. "I said hoping into April's bed

"Hey TJ!" They both said smiling

"How y'all sleep last night?" I asked them

"Great." April said

"What about you lil sis?" I asked Autumn

"I couldn't sleep last night."

"She was up thinking about the next door neighbor son" April said laughing

"Oh for real?" I asked smiling

"Noo, I felt like someone was watching over me."

"For real?" We both asked her

"Yeah you know how mama always says guardian angels watch over us as we sleep?" She asked

"Yeah yeah." we said

"The thing is it felt like this person was holding me." she said

"Now that's some creepy shit." April said

"Right! I have a feeling it was uncle Mel."


"Because I had a dream about him last night"

"Was it good?" We asked

"Yeah, it was really good. He looks just like daddy." she said smiling

"For real?" I asked

"Yeah" Autumn said

"NO, I don't think August looks like Mel but Chay and Miya looks just like they daddy"

"Yeah you right." I said

"Boy quit playing" April said hitting my arm

"I ain't playing"

"You trying to act like Trè Melvin, nigga quit" they said laughing

"Aye y'all wanna see some cool?" I asked them

"Yeah what?" They asked smiling

I lifted up my shirt and showed them the tattoo I got

"Ohh Daddy gone kill you." April said

"I'll be 16 in just a little bit and he won't have to know"

"You got a game dumbass." she said

"My shirt don't be off during games, Ms know and all." I said flicking her forehead

"Ow, TJ! Quit." she said slapping me

"Ow girl" I said pushing her back

"Aye y'all quit! I'm going outside" Autumn said

"Why what's wrong?"

"Need to clear my head. If you guys wanna come you can" she said putting her shoes on and leaving

"Why Autumn so distant today?"

"Autumns like that everyday, she always takes walks and goes in this abandoned building down the street and she just thinks to herself, She got that from August." she said

"Mm, well I got practice. I'll see you later." I said kissing her forehead, "Don't tell daddy"

"I wont."

I jogged downstairs, "Later Mama! Later Augs!"

"Later little man" august said

"See you later baby" auntie said

I walked out the door and walked down the street and I seen Autumn, I hugged her and kissed her cheek, and hugged MJ

"I'm about to go to practice, I'll see y'all later."

"Alright, love you"

"Love you guys too." I said going into my friend house

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