Chapter 1 New Beginnings

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Hint - I added something that hints to something that happens ( if that makes sense )

Heatherkit's POV

As I picked up Icekit, he gave off a few distressed and confused pitiful yowls.

"Why are we going!?!? Where are we going???!"

I.... I don't know...... Anywhere where the foxes won't find us.....

I tried to answer Icekit, but I couldnt find the words.

We, or should I say I, ran through the thin forest of SnowClan territory. I don't know where I was going, but it was definitely somewhere the foxes wouldn't get us.

I found the entrance under the Thunderpath and didn't think twice about if I was going or not, because I was going there.

We're not going back......

We burst out of the other side of the tunnel. I can hear some rustling in the bushes not far from here.

I instantly push toward the nearest bush, not knowing what was in the bushes.

"I swear I hear something over here", a mysterious voice mumbled.

Please stay quiet, please

At that very moment, Icekit just had to make a squeal and attracted the thing that spoke.

I saw a tan head poke its way through the ferns of the bush. It had the most amazing blue eyes. It looked a lot like a cat-scratch that. It was a cat.

"Well, what do we have here?"
Yeah, I know these last two chapters have been short. I want there to be a little thing and I know what will happen next.

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