01 - surprise

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here you go, first imagine :)

y/f/s - your favourite show

this bold font is my thoughts, lol. except for the chats, that pattern us different.

y/n's pov

it is a normal night like another. i am lying in my bed at 1 am. i am little excited because it is 23rd december today and that's two days to christmas, my favourite day of the year. that's nice, otherwise i'm sad at the fact that my boyfriend noah is not in town, he's still shooting for stranger things. i wished for him to be here for christmas with our families, but he is also sad about it though. never mind, i miss him so much.

"honey, i'm going to sleep, good night." my mom said as she stood up at my room's door.

"okay mom, good night." i said.

"don't stay up too late." my mom said and left my room.

"yeah." i said

i wasn't gonna sleep early so i started watching y/f/s. i watched it like for an hour. just between watching it, i checked my phone and there was a text from noah. i smiled looking at it.

y/n and noah's chat

noah 💞:
hey babe

y/n :
hey noah

noah 💞 :

y/n :
i was watching y/f/s, as usual. i feel alone without you here.

noah 💞 :
don't be sad, i have sent a gift for you, check your mailbox NOW.

y/n :

i read his text and went down to my living room, i found it kinda weird that he asked me to check the mailbox at this hour, but still i went outside my house and opened the mail box. there was a small letter in it. i opened it and it said, 'TURN AROUND' ( look at what you seeeeee, lol sorry xd ) i turned around, and to my shock it was noah.

"noah !" i screamed and hugged him.

"hey !" noah said as he wrapped his arms around me.

"oh my god, when did you come ?" i asked as i pulled away from the hug.

"now. just for you." noah said as he smiled at me.

"i love you, noah !" i squealed.

"i love you too, y/n/n." noah said and kissed my forehead. then, we both hugged tightly for 2 minutes straight. i love being in his arms, i feel so warm and good.

"let's go in." noah said.

"noah, i have to sneak you inside." i said pulling away from the hug.

"like i've not done that before." noah said and chuckled.

"okay let's go." i said and we both tip toed to my room.

i slowly closed my room's door as i didn't want to wake anyone up. i locked it. if anyone in my house saw noah here at this hour, i'll be in huge trouble. i turned around and noah was shirtless, he was actually changing into a sweater. i looked at him and started blushing.

"stop staring at me !" noah said and we both laughed.

"don't be so loud noah." i whispered.

"okay." noah said and was finally wearing his sweater.

"so how'd you come ?" i said as i went and sat on my bed.

"okay, so earlier when i told you i couldn't see you this christmas, that was a lie. i wanted to suprise you." noah said looking at me.

"oh my god !" i said and smiled.

"you aren't angry, are you ?" noah asked sitting beside me.

"nope. not at all. you were just all that i wished for this christmas. i wanted you to be here." i said and cupped noah's cheek.

"so your wish came true." noah said putting back a strand of my hair.

"yeah, it did. this will be the best christmas." i said and smiled.

"have you put up a mistletoe in here ?" noah asked smirking.

"nope. it'll be up tomorrow in the doorway, but for now..." i said leaning in.

i gave noah a peck on his lips and he pulled me in again. we just kissed for like 5 minutes. i wanted this to last forever. and then we pulled away.

"let's go to bed." i said and we both laid down on my bed. noah wrapped his arms around my waist and i had my arms around his neck.

"you'll have to wake up early, so i can sneak you out." i said looking at noah.

"i'd rather get caught." noah joked.

"you better wake up." i said seriously.

"i love you." noah said smiling at me and staring into my eyes.

"i love you too." i said and kissed noah's cheek.

we both cuddled and slept.


that's it for the first imagine. leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this. and if i should continue this book. tpwk 💕

- love, ishie 💖

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