Everything will be fine

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No matter what I do, I keep going back to that dream, I zoom in of the dream. My mom always so look for who isn't in the dream, None of my kids was in it, Trey wasn't in it and I was in it but I wasn't . I'm scared out of my mind. And Candles always represent death, especially when they go out.

"Mama? Why'd you sleep in my room?"

"I don't know baby, Mama just wanted to be close to her baby that's all." I said picking MJ up and kissing his cheek

"Everything's going to be alright." my son said for no uncontrollable or apparent reason

I doubt he even knew what he was talking about,

"Yeah baby, Everything's going to be alright." I smiled

"Mama, Uncle Mel came to me."

"Uncle Mel did what?" Aug asked coming down the stairs with the puppy

"Yeah baby, talk to me. What did he say?"

There's a saying that children have imaginary friends which are really ghost that they talk too. They can speak to they love ones sometimes through dreams.

"Puppy!" He said reaching for the dog

"No, MJ. Tell mama what uncle Mel said to you" I said grabbing his hand

"He said, Everything's going to be alright. And he said daddy he loves you. Stop punishing yourself."

I listened to my 6 YEAR OLD say these big words he don't even know yet. That's how I knew he wasn't lying, I believe my kids anyways. Cause they know if they lie it's a consequence.

"When did he come to you?"

"When you had your bad dream and came into my room last night. He walked in and he looked at you and smiled, he said that he was proud of you daddy and thank you for naming me after him, He also said that you really caught the prettiest fish out the pond this time and continue to do right."

We both began to get emotional, I never knew Mel but I knew he was talking through my son right now

"No ones going to die. It was just a nightmare, a memory." he said lifting up my face

"How did you know about these dreams?" I asked MJ

"Uncle Mel showed them to me and he showed me the ending." he said

I looked at August and August looked at me

"MJ, how long have you been talking to Mel?" August asked him

"Everyday" MJ said smiling

"You saying you can see ghost?"

"Only in my dreams daddy." he said

"And mama daddy said your cousin isn't mad at you, neither is some guy you worked with"

"Uhm, MJ Go play. Mama loves you." I said pecking his lips

"Love you too mama" he said

I sat him down and august put the dog down and pulled me into a hug, I admit I was so scared last night.

"What happened to your cousin?"

"He wanted to come over and I didn't let him and next thing you know he was gunned down in the streets in a senseless act of violence that never got any justice." I said

August kissed my forehead.

"August, what memory could that dream be from? We both having the same dream but only MJ got the ending of the dream."

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