Ode to Harvest Moon

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Shown to me by a friend

Other gamers will contend

I was looking 'round the bend,

Seeking to find an end.

So, I sat to play

And come what may,

What can I say?

You made my day.

I sat for hours,

Surrounded by flowers

Captive in your powers

Ambitions high as towers.

Caught up in strategy

Only looking for mastery

Surrounded by your flattery

Not noticing my depleting battery.

But then it came out

A new version to come about

And I began to pout

You weren't done was not a doubt.

Then I left you on a table

For quite a while, I was able.

You not realizing "us" was a now a fable,

No longer an appropriate label.

And so it began

The new game-- to it I ran

My mind formulating a new plan

You still not realizing you were in my garbage can.

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