Ginevra Molly Potter

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2nd DECEMBER 2017

"I need a new job Harry" Ginny moaned to her husband as she flipped the bacon over in the pan. She had played Quidditch for three years but now she was a correspondent for the prophet and she found it boring.

"Well, I hear MalfoyIndustries is always looking for new recruits" he suggested but she just wrinkled her nose.

"And where did you hear this?"

"Astoria said Narcissa Malfoy said that Draco Malfoy was looking for a new PA"

Ginny's face relaxed at this and a thoughtful expression crossed her face, a PA, she could do that, and being at MalfoyIndustries the pay would probably be good, she had heard the Malfoy had a whole vault at Gringotts dedicated to money for his employees; this was probably just a rumour though.

"MalfoyIndustries you say, wouldn't it be cool to go and meet the real Mrs Malfoy we have heard so much about..." she snorted, Draco Malfoy's wife had been kept a secret ever since they had been married. The Malfoy family were so far up in society that even they could threaten the press with their jobs. Draco Malfoy had made it a rule that if anyone put anything about his wife in the papers or magazines, they would be out of a job before you could say Voldemort.

"Ginny don't snort, it's not ladylike" Harry warned his wife but she just rolled her eyes before dishing the bacon on three plates and handing them around to her husband, she put an extra one down on the table in the place between her and Harry before shouting up the stairs "Dora, breakfast is on the table"

"Coming mum" the voice of their youngest child Nymphadora called down the stairs. Ginny started working on the eggs just as a loud thump came from the bottom of the stairs, signalling that Dora had arrived at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey mum, dad" she said cheerfully as she sat down between them, she licked her lips before tucking into her bacon "Mm, this is the best bacon ever" she mumbled as she chewed her food in delight. Ginny rolled her eyes at her daughter before passing her a napkin.

"Honey, Saturday isn't another word for slob" she said and Dora giggled before wiping her mouth.

Once the family had finished an owl flew through the window with the Daily Prophet attached to its leg. Harry put his galleon in the sack provided before taking the Prophet and opening it out. He laughed as he looked at the jobs page.

"Speak of the devil Ginny, here's the job Astoria was talking about..." he read the article before punching the application out of its area and handing it to Ginny. "It says the quicker you hand in the application the quicker you will get an interview, so start filling in" he urged as Ginny took the paper and began filling it in.

Name: Ginevra Molly Potter

Address: 12 Grimmauld Place, London, LN5 6YR

DOB: 11th August 1981

Previous or current employment: Head Quidditch Correspondent at the Daily Prophet

Reason for application: A chance to turn over a new leaf and enter into something that isn't Quidditch related, I would really like to share my knowledge with other companies and learn more skills for the future

When can you begin if successful? No limit on when I can begin

Are you available for an interview, if required? Yes

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