How do you Paint Love?

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"Here I am" I thought to myself as I stood in front of the big grey steps that led to the navy blue doors of my new school. I clutched my luggage bag and the one that I pulled. Why am I so nervous? I just took a plane by myself from Rhode Island to California so I could finally become a student at this boarding school and I'm nervous to enter... yes. Well it is already January, basically half way through the year might I add, I just.......... " Hello" I gasped and looked up to the top of the stairs to see a boy that looked my age with glossy black hair that fell a bit over his dark eyes. He wore navy blue pants with a white shirt and a navy blue jacket with the schools crest on it, sort of like the uniform I was wearing except I wore a navy blue skirt. He had a charming smile as he stepped down two steps and two more until he was one step in front of me. "You must be new" he said as he smiled revealing his white teeth. Hmmm so "rich people schools" really do have good looking guys, I thought that was only true on TV... "Oh haha, how did you know"? I asked. "I would have remembered such a pretty face. Along with the facts I over heard that there was a new student arriving today" he said and he stepped down so he was next to me, he was a bit taller than me probably by two inches. "Thanks... I'm Clover" "Nice to meet you Clover, I'm Chance" he smiled as we shook hands, I smiled back. "So Clover, would you like me to escort you to the office building?" "Sure." He's so cute, but I wonder if he's like this with every girl.... He grabbed my hand and we sort of ran, with my luggage in my hands, on the cement walk way and towards a small tan building with large glass windows and a glass door. We walked through and my mouth almost hit the floor when I saw how it looked inside. It was like a professional office with a large front desk and pale walls with famous paintings hanging on the walls. "Here we are" Chance said with a wink. "Thanks" I said as my face started to feel warm, and I usually don't blush. I walked up to the desk where a woman with short blonde hair stood. "May I help you?" she said with a pink lipped smile. "Yeah, it's my first day and I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go" I said. The smile never left her face. "Alrighty then, name?" she asked as she sat down at the large computer next to her. "Clover Marshall" I said and she started to type. I gazed around the office, and then remembered Chance. I bet he left...I turned my head towards the door and was a little surprised as I saw him leaned up against the wall casually watching me with his flirty full smile, I gasped and turned back to the women at the desk. "Ah here we go, I'll print up your schedule and dorm right away" and I heard the sound of a machine running. She walked over to the printer and came back with two papers. "Here you go" she said as she handed me the papers. "Thank you" I said as I slung my bag over my shoulder and used my free hand to take the papers from her. I was about to turn and leave when she said "One more thing Miss Marshall." I stopped to look at her, "Welcome to Mona Lisa academy" I smiled and thanked her. I walked to the door and Chance followed behind me. The sun was close to setting as I walked out into the warm air. It's going to be different living in all year warmth. "So Clover, where are you from?" Chance asked from beside me. I looked over at him " Rhode Island " he looked a little surprised. "You came all the way from there? You must really like art" he said with a smile at the end. Wait art? "Art?" "Yeah, so what's your style? Painting? Sketches? I'm a painter myself" he said proudly. Wait 'Mona Lisa' this is........ an art school!? "Hey what's wrong?" I shook my head "Nothing" I quickly looked at the papers in my hand and read the intro. Welcome to Mona Lisa academy, where you will excel in basic classes along with the arts... I stopped reading. Arts? Oh no........ this is an art school! The only reason I actually wanted to go here is because my teacher told me the academics would suit me with my straight A's, and used my perfect grades to get a scholarship here. She didn't mention this was an art based school! I don't even think I can draw.... My thoughts were cut off as I hit something, "Owwwww" I groaned my back hit the cement below with a thud. "Clover!" Chance said above me. I looked to see what had tripped me and there stood a boy with light brown hair that was similar to Chance's. He was good looking and had pale blue eyes. He also looked a bit angry, "Watch where you're going" he said as he looked down at me. "Oh come on Troy , she didn't mean to" Chance said as he offered me his hand and helped me and my bags up. "She should be paying attention to where she's going" he said with a glare still on his face. "I'm sorry" I said. He just walked away with what looked like a sketch book in his hand. "Sorry about that" Chance said. "He's a friend of mine but he can be a little... umm negative sometimes" "Its ok" I said and smiled. "So this is where we stop" he said. What... "The girls dorms are that way, sadly guys aren't allowed there after 5" he said as he brightly smiled and pointed to the right. That's a lot of walking to get to it. I turned to him "Thank you for being so kind to me" I said timidly. "No problem" he said as he embraced me in a warm hug. "So, see ya around?" he asked. "Definitely" I said and I turned and headed straight for the pink building that I could just see. I started to walk; as I did my bags started too feel heavier and heavier. "Almost there." This is what I get for not playing a sport I guess. I didn't see any students on the benches or buildings I walked by except for an occasional student here and there. My eyes wandered as I walked until they landed upon a person who was lying in the grass. I stopped. What are they doing? I walked over across the bright lime colored grass to where he was laying. I stood over him causing my shadow to cast over him. His eyes were closed with his mouth slightly open and his blonde hair falling over his eyes a bit; he looked a bit familiar... He moaned and rubbed his eyes then opened them. They were well, beautiful. The perfect shade of blue and green with a bit of gold hidden in them. He looked up at me with a confused look. Oh no, what will he think I'm doing? "Umm" he mumbled and sat up wide eyed. "Um ir" was all I could say. Suddenly his expression changed and became relaxed and he stood up. He looked into my eye and just smiled. "Um I'm sorry I saw you laying there and thought that maybe you were hurt or something-" I tried to quickly say but his finger pressed lightly against my lips. "It's alright" he said as he grabbed my hand, I let my bags and papers fall to the ground. He kneeled and kissed the top of my hand. "I'm Chase and who might you be?" he asked and stood up with a charming grin. "I-I'm Clover" I stuttered, "Clover, beautiful" he said. "Are you new here?" he asked as he lifted my bags and papers. "Yeah" I responded, he slung my bags over his shoulder with the papers still in his grasp. "Then welcome, I know you're going to love it here" he said. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. What is with guys at this school? "Let me bring you to your room" he said sweetly. "B-but I thought guys weren't allowed in the girls' dorm past 5" he just smiled. He started to walk with his arm still around my shoulders and my bags on his other. "She's right" I heard a girls voice say from behind us, he stopped and we turned around. There stood a girl that looked around my age with deep cherry red hair that was straight and went a little bit past her shoulders, she was beautiful. Seriously what is with the beautiful people at this school? The girl looked angry with her brown eyes blazing at Chace. "You know you're not allowed at the girls' dorm anymore, and it's now 5:30" she stated. "Don't get anger all over your pretty little face Scarlet; I was just trying to help the new girl" he said innocently. She rolled her eyes and walked up to us. "Bags" she said and Chace, with a sad puppy dog look, handed her my bags along with the papers. "Now stay away from the girls' dorm" she ordered him. "Fine" he said with sarcasm. "But I'll see you later" he said as he leaned in and kissed me on the cheek, he then winked and walked away. I looked over to the girl named Scarlet and she looked...well... pissed as she watched him walk away. She fixed her look to a warm smile as she turned to me, "So new girl you've already been put on Chace's list, I'm sorry" she wrinkled her nose at the last part. "So what's your name?" she asked as we started to walk. "Clover" I said. "Ah, that's a cute name! I 'm Scarlet" she said. She suddenly stopped; "Here we are" I looked at the large 3 story pink Victorian looking building, and an elegant wide staircase that led to the door. It was so pretty looking, this is where I'll be living? "Lets go roommate" she turned and smiled at me. Wait... roommate? She's going to be my roommate? I guess I looked surprised because she giggled. "I was called to the main office building and they told me since my roommate left that I had to share a room with the new girl, being you" she said with a smile. I felt a little relief; I guess I'm glad it's her. She's nice. Suddenly I heard the door creak open. We both looked up, and standing there was a boy with brown hair with blonde streaks going threw it, again more hot guys... "Just what are you doing!?" Scarlet yelled up at him. He looked down with shock. "It's now 5:50! Way past the time you should be here!" she screamed, wow she was amazing at keeping time. He looked a bit scared, "Scarlet!" he yelled as he made his way down the stairs. "I'm sorry! I was just visiting Sky, she hurt her ankle in gym today and I wanted to make sure she was alright" he said with his green eyes looking innocently at her while he flipped his hair that was straight with layers. "Don't look at me like that" she snarled at him. "I will need to report you right away" she stated. He looked so cute... gah this is what boys do to me..."Scarlet, I'm pretty tired from my trip and I kind of wanted to unpack..." she turned to me a little surprised. "Oh, sorry I wasn't even thinking. Lets go get you settled" we started to walk past the boy, he lipped 'thank you' to me and smiled. "But I'll deal with you later" She said and gave him the death look as we walked up, I turned back to the boy as I walked and he smiled at me kindly. This school is sure weird but that's a good thing to me, at my old school everything was so normal and boring. That's why when my teacher told me about this place, I wanted to go and find something new. Maybe I'll find who I'm supposed to be...

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