chapter one

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Cecilia's POV:

I sat in the strangers car looking out of the window. I stayed silent. When some time had passed, I saw a big mansion coming up. We pulled into the driveway and the woman said
"okay we're here." I was confused about everything. What is this place and who is this woman.
"Do I have to carry you, cause I'll do it if you don't move" she teases me and I get up.
"So can I just call you C? Because Cecilia is a really long name." The woman asks. "Umh yeah, but how do you know my name and who are you?" I ask her confused. She laughs as she opens the door to the mansion.
"I know a lot you don't. And my name is Amelia." She tells me as we're walking down a long hallway.
"Okay we're here. This is my room, and now also yours." She whispers the last part.
"You can change into any clothes you want. The dresser is over there." She tells me and walks me to it.
"okay. Are you leaving now?" I ask. She smirks and says "oh I'm not going anywhere." I look at her uncomfortably and she sees it.
"Relax I'll turn around." She laughs and does that. I open the closet and pull out a tshirt and some comfy pants. They're all too big for me but its still better than nothing.
"Okay I'm ready." I tell Amelia and she looks at me.
"Aaw you look so cute in my clothes."
I blush and try to hide it from her. She walks really close to me, like so close I can feel her breath on my neck and says "don't try to hide it, you're so cute when you're blushing for me."
At this point my breathing is faster and I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. She brushes my hair and puts it behind my ear.
"Come on baby, you should already be asleep" she says and points to the bed.
"Just get comfortable. I have to do some things before I come." She says and leaves. What the fuck just happend.
She just took me to her huge mansion, put her clothes on me, complimented me to the point I was a red tomato and then just left me here to sleep, in her bed? I think as I finally fall asleep.

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