A Serpent and His Rose [The Inevitable Fall]

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"On the rocks, already?" Draco asked amusedly as you pushed past Adam the next morning and sat down next to him.

"Yes." you said flatly.

"Not exactly the fairytale relationship you were hoping for, is it?" he asked, sitting back in his chair and watching you.

"You could say that." you said.

He knows that it's what I've been avoiding! From him!

Of course he does. He's so cocky, too! Grrr...

"Hey..." you heard. You turned back to find he had moved only inches away from you. It startled you, but you didn't move away. "He doesn't deserve you." he whispered. You were somehow transfixed by his gaze. That look...

"He doesn't?" you asked quietly. He looked in your eyes, and you saw his answer. What was that look he gave you so often now? It drew you in it seemed. Then you realized you were literally being drawn towards him. You felt his lips graze against yours softly and lost it completely. You kissed him. It was... the most wonderful kiss you've had ever. You melted at his touch, and completely forgot where you were. That is, until a blinding light flashed through the classroom. You gasped as Draco flew away from you and hit the wall. You looked up quickly to the source of this disturbance, just as Adam ran past you.

"ADAM!" you screamed, running after him. You pulled his arm but he just pulled you with him as he forced his way to Draco, who was just waking up.

"Adam STOP!" you kept on. You screamed as Adam began to kick Draco. You pulled him away harshly. "STOP! Please! It wasn't his fault!" you yelled, tears forming in your eyes.

"I KNEW IT! YOUR FUCKING HIM! YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" he screamed, slapping you hard across the face. You fell to the floor, clutching your face. You saw Draco stand up quickly. You tried to wave him to stop but he tackled Adam down.

"DON'T... EVER...TOUCH...HER...AGAIN!!!" he said each word with a punch as he held Adam down to the floor. Blood was flowing freely from Adam's nose by the time Professor Snape had walked into the classroom to start the lesson.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" he yelled, rushing to split the two boys away from each other.

"The git attacked me!" Draco yelled, pulling out of Professor Snape's grasp.

"Berton, to the hospital wing! Then you'll have some words with Professor Dumbledore about this." Snape said. "Rose. Take Malfoy and get him fixed up as well." he said, dragging a barely conscious Adam out of the classroom. "Class dismissed for the day!" he yelled at the doorway. You took Draco and helped him out of the classroom to the Slytherin common room.

"You really should go to the hospital wing." you said, sitting him down on his bed.

"Pomfry doesn't like me too much. And honestly, there is no medicine that tastes good, I'm sure." he said. You laughed, going into the bathroom and getting a washcloth.

"Well, here. Put this on your hand."

"It stings." he said, pulling his hand away.

"Don't be a baby." you laughed, putting the cloth back on his hand. Then you attended to a cut above his eye. "Thanks, by the way." you said softly.

"For?" he asked, watching you.

"For sticking up for me. You didn't have to."

"Why wouldn't I?" he asked. You stayed silent. He took your hand. "I care about you. I think you know that." you stared at him. The truth hit you hard. You weren't thinking when you kissed him then, like a trance almost.

What?! How else do you respond to something like that?!?!

I'm stumped.

You pulled away quickly.

"Damn it Draco." you muttered, getting up.

"What?" he asked.

"You make it so hard not to like you." you said quietly, hoping he wouldn't hear. He did. H smiled and pulled you to him and kissed you tenderly, his hands on your waist. You pushed him away slowly.

"I can't." was all you could get out.

"Why?" he asked frustratedly, holding you so you couldn't leave. You just pulled away, leaving him alone in the boys dorms.

*    *    *    *

"Wow, I'm impressed." Tammy said.

"What?" you asked confusedly. You had just discussed the events with Draco with Kasey and Tammy. You sat on the couch with them, curled up and resting your head on the arm of the couch.

"I think what she means is we're surprised you're lasting this long." Kasey said, sitting up.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Draco's finally getting to you. I mean, you're kissing him! Obviously it's an achievement you've held out this long. But of course, it's only a matter of time before you give it up..." Tammy said.

"What?! I won't be giving anything up to him! I've lasted this long without falling for him--" you tried to defend.

"Oh honey..." Kasey said sympathetically, taking your hand.

"W-what?" you asked cautiously.

"You've fallen, gotten up and fallen again, and then the floor fell in and now your falling deeper." she concluded.

"Riiight." you said, snatching your hand away and getting up. "Well, thanks for the chat." you said before leaving for the Great Hall. Halfway there, you noticed Adam at the end of the hallway. You panicked.

Oh my God he's gonna murder me!

Relax and hide behind a statue or something.

No way I'm sure he's already seen me! Oh God what do I do?!

Yes, it's quite a pickle... Good luck with it! *runs away*

He just looked up and saw you. You had no choice but to walk to him. You were about to speak when he past you. He walked right past you without a word. You stood for a moment, thinking about calling after him but deciding against it. You just went for dinner, not minding that you and Adam were no longer a couple.

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