The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 26

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It had been a week since the funeral, and it was safe to say that the mood in the house had deteriorated since then. No-one seemed to laugh anymore, not even Max, which was a shame because his laugh was refreshing. I loved it when Max burst into giggles. It was like music.

I sat in the living room, curled up next to Cal, my eyes starting to flutter shut. I was shattered. I had slept for thirteen hours straight the night before, and I was still exhausted. Cal didn't seem to mind; he was just glad that I had stopped crying. That had been embarrassing. I had never let myself get into that state, even in front of Zane and for Cal to see me like that had just made me feel worse.

"I'm not watching this," Ade growled, glaring at Zane. This was getting annoying. At first, I had thought that they could have at least been civil to each other, but was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to be happy again.

"Why not?" Zane asked delicately, the tips of his ears beginning to turn red. I opened my eyes to see what we were watching; a rom-com. And a very un-funny one at that. I was pretty sure that Zane had just put it on to get a reaction; he was very much an action movie kind of guy. But it definitely was getting under Ade's skin. I could see that he was simmering, just threatening to boil over.

"Because," he spat, not looking at his mate, "I don't want to watch it." There was a smile playing around Zane's lips, a quirk of his eyebrows telling me that he was really, really going to enjoy winding Ade up.

"Well, I do," he sang, sprawling out over the couch. Ade winced at the sound of his voice and then muttered something derogatory. I watched as he settled in his seat, glowering at the T.V. screen.

This is bloody unbearable, Ade thought, still looking at the cheesy couple on the television.

Aw, don't you want to please your wee mate, Cal teased, grinning, Don't you want to bone hi-

Ade leapt to his feet and launched himself at Cal, knocking us both flying. More than anything, I was resentful because I had just been about to go to asleep. Cal was more annoyed with the fact that Ade was on top of him, crushing his head to the floor.

"Fuck off!" Ade shouted, swinging a punch at Cal's face. I swore at him, trying to pull them apart. It wasn't worth my breath because, moments later, Zane had grabbed me and pulled me away, telling me to just leave it.

What the hell? There was no way that I was going to let Ade, who was considerably bigger than anyone else in the house, beat the shit out of poor Cal; that wasn't particularly fair.

"What?" Cal snapped, bloody dripping down his face. "That's exactly what you said to me about Annie, Ade, so what's so wrong with me saying it to you?"

"I'm not gay!" Ade roared at the top of his voice. I stopped fighting Zane, just in time to see him avert his gaze to something on the carpet. Then I looked at Ade, who had removed himself from on top of Cal and was slumped against the wall, his head buried in his hands. I was torn between seeing if Cal was alright and making sure that Ade's words hadn't had too much of an effect on Zane.

"I'm just going to..." Zane's voice trailed off as he brushed past me, not looking at the crumpled Ade on the floor, and left the room, slamming the door behind him. I wasn't going to shout, I wasn't going to shout, I wasn't going to-

"That wasn't insensitive at all," I hissed, shaking my head. Ade groaned, rubbing at his eyes. Cal got shakily to his feet, cracking his nose back into place and wiping away the blood with the back of his hand. God, I knew how to pick 'em.

"I'm not gay," Ade repeated. "I've never looked at a lad like that."

I'm glad; you've seen me naked, Cal thought and I turned around and hit him across the back of the head. Well, really; stupid, stupid men! I followed Zane out, looking around the hall as I tried to work out where he had gone. The sound of a wall being punched upstairs told me exactly where he had gone, and I made my way up the steps, trying to keep calm.

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