A Serpent and His Rose [Second Chances]

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"Get up!" Draco shouted. You screamed in both surprise and pain, turning quickly and falling off the bed. He laughed as you stood up shakily, clutching your throbbing head.

"Draco..." you said hoarsely, but couldn't manage anything else.

"Awww, Andy has a hangover. Well get over it because we got school." He said, putting on his shirt.

"Only Slytherins are stupid enough to party on a school night." You muttered. You got up slowly, then slowed down more as the pain in your head increased.

"You're such a lightweight." He laughed.

"Shut up." you said hitting him in the arm as he sat next to you. Suddenly a deja vu feeling crept in your mind. "Hey... Did we talk here last night?" you asked.

"Er, you don't remember?" he asked. You shook your head no.

"The last thing I remember was me drinking a lot after Adam went off with Felicia." you said, anger at Felicia's name.


"Why, oh? What?" you asked uncertainly.

"Oh nothing. I just made fun of you for barfing up a lung and then you passed out on my bed." he said.

"Oh. Okay." you said, getting up. Something had shifted, and you were getting uncomfortable. You exited the boys dorm and thought about the night before.

Had Draco said anything? Anything he would take back?

We have the same memories dingbat! How should I know?!

Just a simple question. No need to get your knickers in a twist.

"Hey!" you heard. You winced as Kasey ran up to you.

"Oh, I'm sorry honey! Why did you drink so much?" she asked.

"Adam." you said curtly. She nodded understandingly, then sat you down and helped you get ready. An hour later you were stumbling down the stairs tiredly.

"Andy, can I talk to you?" You turned to see Adam standing by the bookcases that lined the wall. He was obviously waiting for you. You waved Kasey off and walked over stiffly.

"Yes?" you asked coldly.

"Andy, I'm sorry. I was just so angry about Draco and--"

"What about him?" you asked. He looked at you like you were crazy.

"I mean about him always going after you!" he said.

"So? You don't trust me?" you asked accusingly.

"C'mon, Andrea! You guys have hooked up before. Can you blame me?" he asked. You softened, seeing the look on his face.

"What about Felicia?"

"What about her?" he asked.

"You were with her. Did you... you know." you said uncomfortably.

"Oh! No way. She left me a while after you saw us together. I think she's just trying to piss you off." he said. You were about to protest when you stopped. It made sense. He looked at you with pleading eyes.

He's cute when he begs...

A little. But I still don't like him.

Everyone deserves a second chance right! Maybe he'll suprise us?


"Okay fine. But you need to cool it with the jealousy." you finally said. He kissed you softly.

"You got it."

*    *    *    *

You went to breakfast with Adam, and things seemed to be back to normal between you two already. You barely ate though, and you found your thoughts drifting towards Draco. You would snap out of them quickly, and kiss Adam to make you stop. But soon they would come back again.

Why do they keep coming back?!

Because you think Adam will distract you. But you don't like him so he doesn't. DUH!

Your inner battle caused much distraction throughout the day. The only time you didn't think about it was the classes where you sat next to Draco.

"Don't!" you said, then sank downward laughing at how loud you had shouted. Seconds later you felt Draco's hand reach over to you and tickle you madly. You desperately tried to keep quiet as you wrestled with his hand to keep away. It was Transfiguration, and as much as you loved it you couldn't help but be distracted. Plus, you get very ancy by the last period of the day.

"Quit it! You'll get us in trouble." you whispered as you calmed yourself.

Curse me for being ticklish!

No, for being stupid enough to tell Draco you are ticklish.


Draco made a pretend fearful face. You burst into more giggles but quickly stopped when you saw Professor McGonagall eye you both, annoyed. You both wiped your faces free from expression until she turned away, which caused you to laugh more. Class ended quickly, probably because Professor McGonagall was sick of you.

"She was the nicest to me! Now I bet she hates me. All thanks to you!" you said, pointing a finger as you left the classroom with Draco.

"Nobody could hate you." he said sincerely. This resulted in a double take from you. Draco was smiling at you, not smirking. He had that look that you've noticed him give you a few times.

"What?" you asked smiling.


"Why are you looking at me that way?" you both stopped walking in the now emptied corridor. Everyone was off to their afternoon activities. You watched his expression carefully. He seemed to be debating something important.

"Er, Andy I..."

"Yes?" you prodded, curiosity boiling inside you.

"I was wondering... I was just wondering if... maybe... you--"

"Andy!" you turned to see Adam coming towards you. He pulled you into a rough kiss, throwing that protective arm over your shoulders. "You were supposed to meet me, remember? What's going on?" he asked, shooting a glance at Draco.

"Draco was just telling me something. Draco?" you asked. You noticed an immediate change in Draco's voice.

"Yeah... er, I was just wondering if maybe you and Adam had... made up." he finished. You looked at him confused, not expecting this.

"Oh, er, yeah." you answered. All three of you stood awkwardly.

"Well! Andy we best be going." Adam said. You nodded as he steered you around back toward the Slytherin common room. You looked back and waved goodbye to Draco, who gave a little nod and walked off in the other direction.

"I heard you and Draco were friendly during Transfiguration." Adam said.

"We are friends. Just friends. What happened to no more jealousy?" you asked, crossing your arms. He paused.

"I'm sorry. You're right." he said. You walked to the Slytherin common room and sat on the couch together. You talked for a little while about school and stuff that happened that day. Adam told you a story about how Blaise dropped his quill and when he picked it up he smacked his head on the desk next to his. Then when he turned around he tripped over his chair that was pulled out into the aisle. It was fun talking to Adam, and the time passed pretty quickly. Before you knew it, people slowly began to file out to go to dinner.

"You hungry?" he asked.

"Not really." you said quietly.

"You know, we haven't spent much alone time together." he said, pouting.

"Well, we're alone now." you said. As if this were permission, Adam kissed you. You turned on the couch so that the arm wouldn't poke you in the back and kissed back. You weren't in the mood, but he was your boyfriend and you haven't spent enough time with him. His kiss became hungry and rough as he hovered over you.

"Slow down, ok?" you said. He didn't respond, just kissed your neck. You shifted uncomfortably, not allowing him to get in between your legs, hoping that was enough of a message. Moments later, his hands began exploring under your shirt.

"Adam." you said, pushing his hands down. He continued and it wasn't long before he tried again. This time, you pushed him off of you.

"What?" he asked.

"I told you no!" you exclaimed. He exhaled a little frustratedly but nodded.

"Right... I'm sorry." he said. You got up angrily.

"You seem to be apologizing a lot lately." and with that went up to your dorm, leaving him sitting on the couch.

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