An eye for an eye. Ricardo James always said .

What goes around comes around . Nancy James always said .

Who would have thought that one day, both of these sayings would combine and bring so much trouble for the James'. January 19th, 1987 Nancy found out she was pregnant . Ricardo wanted no child but the pregnancy was too far along . Nancy and Ricardo argued for months and came to the conclusion of adoption . August 3rd , 1987 Jacey Amora James was given to Alejandro Sizara and Abigail Washington .

August 3rd.

"Awwww... Alejandro . Una chica, por favor podemos conseguir a una chica?" Abigail begged to her spanish speaking boyfriend

"Abigail .. Not in public, please" Alejandro said with anger

"But Alejandro you said you'd be willing to get whatever i wanted and this poor little girl needs a home ... Look at her"

Jacey started laughing at Abigail.

"Awww Alejandro can we please get her?"

"Ummm, what's her name?" Alejandro said to the Adoptive Agent

"Jacey James" She said back

"Your new name is Jacey Sizara" Abigail said

On that day, Jacey was adopted. Taken away to the best family ever, they loved and cared for her even though she wasn't theirs biologically, they treated her as if she was their own. On Jacey's second birthday, her biological parents decided they wanted her back but since Jacey was so young she didn't know the difference between her real parents and her adoptive parents. Alejandro gre the closest connesction to Jacey and was the one who refused to give her up. On July 10, 1991, Abigail gave birth to her first child, Jessie James Sizara.

"Why Jessie James?" Alejandro questioned

"All these years we agreed to let little Jacey keep her maiden name it kind of grown to let it be a middle name. You know Jacey James Sizara"

He kissed her forehead. "Smart move honey"

Jacey kissed Jessie's head. "I will never hurt you no no" She looked at Abigail. "Momma do you think he will be extra... extra...extraordinary like me?"

"As long your his sister he will be"

On Jessie's second birthday, just days away from Jacey's 6th birthday, Alejandro and Abigail began to feel guilty about keeping the secret from Jacey. Abigail begged Alejandro to let her tell her but he refused and said to wait. A whole year went by and on the way back from the grocery story, Abigail and Alejandro were arguing and in the midst of the quarrel a car ran the red light and rammed the car in the side. Alejandro was killed on impact but Abigail survived strangely.

"Is my momma gonna be okay?" Jacey questioned.

"I don't know little Jacey but I am hoping for the best" The doctor said.

But as usual, the best turned into the worst and Abigail died. Jessie and Jacey were sent to The Campbell House Of Orphans, where they can either be adopted or stay there until their 18 and able to live alone. Jacey was only 7 and Jessie was only 3, the worst life for two young children.

"You ain't never getting out of here" A young girl about 9 told Jacey

"How do you know?" Jacey questioned.

"I been here for 3 years and i ain't been adopted yet." She said. "By the way i'm Cassey"

"I'm Jacey and this is my little brother Jessie"

"Good luck on getting adopted and if you do, good luck on getting your brother taken with you"

"Ay yi yi yi" Jacey said throwing her hands up.

So guys this is just like a starter chapter, I really want it to be when she's like 13 and start from there. Hint the fact it was short and in3rd person but Chapter 2 and the rest on will be in first person. Buuuut what do guys think? Comments? Votes? I need feedback :)

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