A Serpent and His Rose [Drama, Drama, Drama]

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"If only we could come here without going to classes." you said tiredly, getting up from your bed.

"That's impossible, because that would make us happy." Tammy muttered into her pillow. You got into the shower and washed your hair quickly. You got out and magically dried and straightened your hair. You were just finishing putting on your make up when the other girls filed into the bathroom.

"I don't get how you get ready so quickly! It takes me half an hour in the shower alone, and I still don't look as good as you with the amount of time I spend in front of the mirror." Tammy said grudgingly.

"It's a gift to be this beautiful, sweetie." you replied, putting your make up away and walking out of the bathroom to get dressed. You put on your school uniform, making minor alterations to skirt length and other things that cause a girls figure to disappear completely within the outfit. You picked up your bag and walked out into the common room. Nobody was there since it was only 7:00 a.m. You sat down and took out your transfiguration book. It was the only subject that interested you. You liked turning things into animals in particular. You skipped a few chapters and began to read about the harder stuff when you heard somebody coming down the boys dorms. Felicia came down the stairs, the look of her said she stayed the night with someone.

"Oh! You're up already?" she said happily, giving one of her fake smiles. You both mutually hated each other, but you were the leader of Slytherin girls and she was a mindless follower.

"Yeah. You must have had fun last night." you said.

"Oh well... You know..." she said hesitantly. You nodded, signaling her dismissal, and she headed up the girls staircase. You shook your head in annoyance and went back to reading. It wasn't until 7:30 that people started to drift into the common room, tired and hungry.

"Hey." You looked up to see Adam. He kissed your forehead.

"Hi. Ready for breakfast?" you asked. He nodded. You closed your book and walked out with him to the Great Hall. You both got your usual seats and you grabbed some pancakes.

"I am so tired." he said, rubbing his eyes.

"Why?" you asked, cutting up your pancakes into squares and pouring syrup on them.

"Draco and Felicia kept waking me up." You momentarily stopped, before stabbing a piece of pancake.

"Oh really. They were... you know?" you asked.

"Yeah. Jesus, I am so never rooming with that guy again. It's so difficult, you know?" he asked. You nodded, keeping your eyes on your food. You saw out of the corner of your eye Draco walking in with Felicia clinging to him. He didn't look too interested in whatever she was talking about. You bit your lip, not sure why you were feeling anything at all about this situation. You turned to Adam and kissed him.

"Woah, what was that for?" he asked.

"Er, just trying to wake you up." you thought quickly. He wasn't too sure, but he's a guy. So he simply kissed back. You hesitantly opened your eyes and saw Draco walking to the table. He was sitting down when he saw you and you snapped your eyes shut, pulling Adam closer to you. You began to deepen the kiss when you heard a cough. You looked up to see Professor Snape and you pushed Adam away nervously, wiping your mouth.

"Class schedules." he said stiffly. You took it and quietly thanked him. When he was out of ear shot you laughed lightly and looked down at your schedule.

"Ewww!" you exclaimed, appalled. Double Potions, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Transfiguration.

"That's not so bad." Adam said, looking down at your schedule.

"It is when you hate school." you said, putting your head down on the table.

"Just one more year." He said, kissing you on the cheek. You half smiled. Even though you were in Slytherin and Professor Snape was nicer to you than most, you still sucked at Potions. You didn't care much for DADA simply because your family was protected from the Dark Lord. Your grandfather was a devoted Death Eater whose loyalty was noted with Lord Voldemort. You didn't know why your father or yourself weren't approached to become Death Eaters, but you didn't question it for fear that it would happen. You didn't want to be a Death Eater.

"I'm not hungry. Let's just go to class." you said. Adam put his arm around you as you walked. He did this often, usually when Draco was in the same room you noticed. You glanced at him on your way out. Felicia was practically on his lap, but you saw his eyes snap away. You knew he was watching you.

Yeah, you don't want Draco... You're just looking at him constantly, trying to make him jealous with this git--

Adam isn't a git! I like him! Sort of...

You're totally using him!

So are you!

Do you honestly think I care?


*    *    *    *

"Rose and--" you crossed your fingers under the table for anyone one but Draco as Professor Snape called out partners for Potions.

"Sir. I request to pair up with Andrea." You heard. Your mouth dropped as you looked across the room at Draco, who sat with an equally shocked looking Felicia sitting next to him.

"Alright then. Rose and Malfoy." Snape said. "And lastly, Berton and West." You turned to Adam. He was watching you, probably for any sort of reaction of having Draco as a partner for the rest of the year. Then you heard a small cough. You looked up to see Felicia.

"Don't worry Andy. I'll take good care of him for you." she said sweetly. You glared at her as you moved and sat down in your seat next to Draco.

"Why did you do that?" you asked. He shrugged, smirking. You crossed your legs and flipped your book open. It wasn't long though before you began to tune out what Professor Snape was saying. You twirled your quill absentmindedly in your fingers and watched Felicia. Your eyes widened when you saw her hand move to his leg. He pushed it away.

Good! God what a whore!

"I can't believe you stuck Adam with that bitch." you whispered. Draco looked up from his doodles.

"Oh, you'd rather I be stuck with her?" he asked.

"You like her, don't you? I'm sure she treats you real good." you muttered.

"Nah." he said, leaning forward and scooting closer to you. You leaned in as he lowered his voice. "She's all over me but, I just don't like her." He whispered. You raised your eyebrows, completely surprised.

"Really? That damages your rep quite a bit, Malfoy." you said.

"Well why do you think I'm whispering?" he asked. You smirked when you felt something hit you in the head. You looked down to see a crumpled ball of paper. You opened it and read:

What are you doing?! You're like 2 inches away from Draco's face!

You scribbled a reply saying you were just talking and sent it back across the room to Tammy. Seconds later you received the note back.

Well it doesn't look like it. Adam's watching you!

You looked up and sure enough Adam was staring at you, obviously jealous.

"Don't want to upset dear Adam now, do we?" Draco said. You saw him reading the note over your shoulder. You yanked it away and folded it up, pocketing it.

"No, I don't." you said, scooting away from him.

"How much longer are you gonna keep this up?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" you said.

"C'mon. You know you like me. The whole house, even the school knows. And your little boyfriend knows. It's just a matter of time before--"

"Alright everyone, an essay on the arguments about the subjects we discussed today in your book due next class!" Professor Snape said. You cursed, wishing you had listened, as you got up and met with Adam.

"What's going on?" he asked, glaring at Draco. He smirked, waved and gave you a wink before leaving the classroom.

"Nothing. It's just Malfoy being Malfoy." you assured him. He relaxed a little, but seemed to put his arm around you a little tighter.

The rest of the day's classes were uneventful. Adam was upset that you didn't sit next to him in any of them. You sat next to Kasey in DADA, Tammy in Charms, and Draco in Transfiguration. You asked McGonagall to switch, but she didn't budge. By the end of the day you needed to relax. You grabbed a quick bite alone at dinner, since Adam disappeared. You found, however, that you really didn't care. What did bother you was that half of the Slytherins were also missing. You left the Great Hall quickly, your school mates absence starting to freak you out a bit. You walked into the Slytherin common room to a burst of noise.

"What's going on?" you asked Kasey, who was just walking past.

"PARTY!" she yelled. She handed you a shot and you stared at it.

"It's the first day of school!" you yelled.

"Which is why we need to party!" Tammy yelled as she came in. You shook your head but tipped the shot into your mouth and swallowed. You laughed and took your stuff up to your room and changed into a jean skirt and a tanktop. You ran back downstairs and almost smacked into Adam.

"Hey! Why didn't you tell me about this?" you asked. He was already a little drunk.

"I figured Draco'd told ya." he spat. You were about to reply when Felicia came out of nowhere and handed Adam a drink. You shot him an angry look. He simply shrugged and walked off. You angrily took another shot, letting out a cough.

"Slow down there. The night is young." Draco said. You just took another shot. This time you coughed more. Your throat burned on the next one but you didn't care. You were too angry too care

I can't believe Adam! He was talking about how he always liked me and would do anything for me... Bastard.

You're such a bloody hypocrite.

*    *    *    *

"You're drunk!" Draco said through fits of laughter.

"Nuh-uh!" you countered stupidly. You were falling off of the couch from laughing so hard. The Slytherin common room was littered with people, mostly who had fallen asleep, and some who were still goofing around. It was 1 a.m.

"I'm happy!" you stated, nearly falling backward until Draco caught you.

"I see that. Maybe we should get you upstairs." he said, trying to pull you up.

"Nooooo!" you moaned. He ignored you and pulled you up to the boys dorms since guys weren't allowed up the girls.

"I don't get why you have that dumb reputation. You're like, the nicest guy I know! Not like Adam. Bastard, probably just wanted to fuck me. But nuts to him! Cause I would NEVER fuck him!" you laughed. You tore away from Draco and clumsily walked up the rest of the steps.

"Why's that?" He asked curiously, quickly grabbing your waist to stop you from falling over. He picked you up and carried you the rest of the way, finally dropping you on his bed.

"Because I don't like him." you said simply.

"Then why are you with him?" Draco prodded.

"That's the question, isn't it!" you half yelled. He shushed you and you looked around as the sleeping people around you shifted. You turned back to Draco, sitting there watching you. He always had this look when he saw you. You couldn't put your finger on what it was, but you liked it. You laid down on the bed stretching and yawning. You scooted to the side and Draco lay next to you.

"Why are you so good to me?" You whispered sleepily. You closed your eyes so you didn't see Draco's reaction to the question.

"Because you deserve it." he whispered. You smiled and curled up next to him, falling asleep almost instantly.

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