Chapter 3

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Daryl finally convinced Rick to go back and get her body. Daryl sprinted to the car.

"Daryl wait-"

He opened the door and gasped

"Holy shit!"

"Daryl- oh my god!"

Daryl pounded his fist into the car

"I should have known she wouldn't go down like that. Damn. She was right?"

"Right About what?"

He smiled

"She's not just another dead girl."


She saw an arrow stuck in a walkers head. One of his arrows.

"They went this way."

"How do you know?"


"We're did a little girl like you learn how to track?"

"First of all I've been through shit and more shit and been shot in the head so I hardly think I'm little. And let's just say I had a good teacher."

She went over the words she said she didn't talk like that before.

Before what?

Before him.

She smirked.

"Sorry I got a little angry."

"Sorry I underestimated you?"

"They always do."


They returned to the camp.

Maggie ran.

"We're is she?"

Daryl stared her in the eye.

"She's gone."

Maggie's eyes widened

"What the hell do you mean she's gone!"

"She's Beth."

He laughed.

"She's got a goal. Give her a goal and she'll come back from the dead.We all thought she was dead but she was right she's not just another dead girl."

Maggie frowned.

"But walkers.."

Daryl laughed

"Either she's dead or she's alive!"

He walked away. He wasn't dealing with Maggie being pessimistic.

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