Trailokya Trilogy comes with some heavy information, but that shouldn't stop the enjoyment of the narrative. As the text goes on, the places, terms and names become clear. One of the most interesting processes of creating this world was deciding on the structure of the universe and how that would interact.  Continue reading here:


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General term for all of the races of Jahannam.


Former Hyadeans; inhabitants of Jahannam.


Argus's wild born soul-mate and second in pack order.

Argus's wild born soul-mate and second in pack order

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Shen, Praefect, Order of Gyuto.

An astral way gatekeeper of Zion; father of Draco Dao-Ming, division commander.

Sheol, Sheolerites.

The beach and strip of land between the Domdaniel and the rest of Jahannam, also called The Grave. The province is ruled by Prince Azrael. Also, the inhabitants of this land.


Former Cetians; inhabitants of Jahannam.


Former Jinn; inhabitants of Jahannam.


Lesser resonant atman who inhabit bio-vessels to improve their resonance to higher levels; plant and animal life of Samsara.

From The Blue Honor Blog Article:

[There are over ten major races in all.] The first in the list of souls I'll review for you are the humans. I chose to look at our own race for a very simple reason, to get us out of the way. What can be said about humans that is interesting and hasn't been gone over in spades in tons of books and journals for centuries?  In the context of the trilogy, we humans are a little more magical than what we are in reality.

Humanity appears exactly the same as they appear in reality within the bindings of the trilogy. Those appearances are explained via one of the most interesting pieces of technology in the books: the bio interface machine. The BIM allows souls to inhabit the physical plane of Samsara. It is self powered, through the ingestion of chemical compositions that can be broken down into their basic components and converted to energy and supplies (it eats food and drinks water). They are also self-replicating (through sexual reproduction). BIM can be directly or indirectly interfaced by the soul inhabiting it, via wireless connections with the atman or insertion of the atman.

Why hasn't an atman ever been seen inside of a BIM, say during surgery? Just like you should have read about Maiel in the first book, they are cloaked from BIM perception.

Humans are one of several species who resemble the duta in the appearance of their bodies (both the BIM and the true body expression of the Atman), and are the most close in resemblance, only having the absence of wings and a slighter build. Some humans do grow to be as large as duta but it is not the norm. It can be an indication of soul age and evolutionary station.

Are there humans on other worlds? There are. How they got there is a story for later down the road.

The prince, which I assume is Jesus of Nazareth, is mentioned in the books as a human who evolved into a duta. How did that work? The prince, it is inferred he is Jesus, was a human. What is not discussed is how evolved he had been prior to taking on that incarnation, nor is their discussion on the reason behind that incarnation. Trailokya isn't a religious series, even though the presence of theological premises wind through the text. He is simply mentioned to defend Dominic, both as a species and his bid to become duta.


River of Hate.

Sun Order.

"The Sun Order is one of the most well known groups in Zion. The guardians chosen to fill the ranks of this golden order are regarded as the most jovial, warm, and loyal of their kind. Sun Order is also one of the few orders that openly welcome souls among their ranks for training and guardianship. Humans and other beings can enjoy a comfortable career serving here.

Golden Greco-Roman armor and armaments are their preferred kit. A deep red cloak is often slung from their shoulders, it's color echoed in the galea crest of officers. The uniform is crimson beneath the armor, but white when the penannular is deactivated. All metal worn by Sun Order members is gold in color, including jewelry. Because gold is soft, the armor and weapons are not made of this element, though they appear to be. The exact composition of used by Walhall smiths is unknown, but it is impressively strong.

Sun Order is the sister of Moon Order. Not ironically, Captain Maiel's twin brother, Joel, is a captain in this order. Joel is a dynamic leader, rallying his troops easily around him. Unlike his more subdued sister, he finds a great deal of fun in executing practical jokes, but their wit us equally sharp. They also share the unfortunate experience of having been mistaken for gods on Earth. When seen, humans believed they had spotted the twin Gods, Diana and Apollo. Their likeness was sculpted throughout classical Europe. Joel was quite amused by this turn of events, whereas his sister was mortified, and in fear of punishment from the alders.

The compound of the Sun Order is similar to it's sister order, but is bright and airy. The stones used to construct the buildings have a golden glow about them that lasts through the night. Great sun emblems of bronze and even gold decorate the walls. Order banners add a touch of crimson to this desert like oasis. The compound environment is dry and warm.

Sun Order guardians can absorb the light of stars that serve as suns to orbiting planets and convert it to energy, much in the same way that Moon Order guardians absorb reflected light from moons. This affinity for the sun is carried into the construction of the order's penannular: an orb with twelve arms. Their official banner boasts of bravery and fortitude." - From The Blue Honor Blog, The Trailokya Trilogy: Sun Order, January 20, 2017

" - From The Blue Honor Blog, The Trailokya Trilogy: Sun Order, January 20, 2017

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svargaduta, svarg.

A single-set winged race of duta. This variant incarnation of atman is the second largest of the duta race. They appear exactly the same as the lesser incarnation of duta, but their mental and physical abilities are far stronger. It is the preferred manifestation for most of the duta races, up to seraphim. Their predisposition is yet varied at this stage.

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