Chapter 19

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I'm back.. DUN DUN DUN!!! Just for the record kaitlyn is an idiot and her grandpa's dog is going to kill me!!! Wish me luck.....anyway Kate said she would help me write this chapter but I doubt it since she is a jerk. I SHOULD BE UNDER THE MISTLETOE WITH YOU!! Love JB:) sorry Kate is listening to that song so... Yeah.

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Enjoy, but I think it sucks...

Chapter 19:

I exited the bus with all the boys following, Harry was still crying. Awwww hazza.

Zayn went to go put his arm around me but I quickly stopped him. I gave him the 'I'll tell you later look'. He just stared back confused but walked silently up to my door by my side.

Just when I thought it wouldn't be a big deal that I was leaving, Lou started crying.

Dang it.

He's going to make me cry!

Niall went to go comfort him when I saw a tear trickle down the side of his face.


That really meant something since I never really talked to him. Liam just looked upset, at least he wasn't crying like the others.

Just then, my phone vibrated in my back pocket.

It read: 'what was that about?' from DJ Malik<3

I looked over to zayn to see him staring back at me expectingly.

I quickly sent a text saying 'my mom won't let me have a boyfriend and she would kill me if she knew we were dating'.

He gazed at me for a second, but nodded saying he understood.

We were almost to the door and all the boys were crowding around me looking sadfully down at the ground.

I moved my hand to ring the doorbell, but a hand grabbed my arm before I could hit the button. I stared at the hand and let my eyes travel up to meet Zayn's.

"Before you go, let me have your ipod."He stated staring intensely into my eyes.

Confusion sprouted onto my face. Why did he want my ipod? My ipod is just as important as my phone...even if it was Zayn, there is no way I'm giving him my ipod.

"Why?" I asked, quite rudely.

"Just give it to me." He replied giving me the 'you better' look.

Instinctively, my hand found its way to cover my back pocket where i kept my ipod...but it wasn't there. Those little-.

"I've got it!!" I heard none other than Lou scream and hop up and down behind the boys. How the heck did he do that? I should have felt it at least!

"Oh yeah!! I'm a ninja, you all should be jealous!" He screamed pointing at each of us, swinging his arms around in delight. In his hand, my ipod.

I threw myself at him, but arms gripped my waist before I could get to Louis and claw his eyes out. NO ONE TOUCHES MY IPOD!! Harry was struggling holding me in place and Lou knew it, since I saw his eyes get fairly large.

All of a sudden Zayn was in the picture and grabbed my ipod away from Lou. Yeah! My manb got it back! Wait. He was the one wanting it in the first place. I stopped struggling as I realized that they didn't know the password.

Oh crap. My password is Zayn's birthday. I feel like I'm a freakin stalker because I know his birthday and he didn't tell me.

Then I remembered. Kate had told them that my ipod password was my favorite's birthday. That would explain why he is trying to unlock it.

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