Meeting an Old Friend

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[M/N][L/N] P.O.V

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My hands moved across the screen on my phone as I played a game. I was waiting for the opening ceremony to begin. I decided to enroll after passing the test from Senzaemon Nakiri. My parents were worried but I reassured them before leaving. They entrusted me to the Nakiri family. They heard about Soma staying at the Polar Star Dormitory and didn't want me staying there just yet. They didn't want to bother Soma with taking care of me when he was a new student. A memory flashed into my mind.

"I can take care him I promise!" Soma offered.

"Soma, it's not that we don't trust you but I think we should let (M/N) stay for a little bit at the Naikiri's house until you settle down" My father calmly said.

"So when I get settled, (M/N) can come too?! Yahoo!" Soma cheered.

I hadn't seen Soma since then but we did occasionally text each other. I could hear the announcer calling me up to the podium so I could introduce myself. I hadn't seen Soma yet. Senzaemon passed me as he walked off the stage, a head ruffle given. I walked onto the stage and looked around at all the students in their uniforms. It was kind of depressing, knowing a lot of people would be expelled. I tested the microphone before beggining my speech.

"So hey, I think I'm a student here. To be honest, I'm an introvert so if I'm rude as fuck or give off lonely vibes then chalk it up to that. Oh, before I forget, I'm (M/N) (L/N). I hope to get along."

Swiftly, I turned away and left to the backstage where I saw Soma who was possibly having a one side conversation with Erina who was arguing with him in return. Soma saw me and cheered before giving me a bright grin. I just nodded in return as Soma was called on stage. I went back to playing my game while Erina watched with curiosity. Her aide was there too Hisako. She was looking at the game too. All three of us looked us as we heard a commotion though. I laughed at the students throwing food at Soma. One of the tomatoes landed in my hands. An offering. I took a bite into it but could taste nothing. Bland.

"Why are you eating that (M/N) when you can't taste it?" Erina sighed.

"Don't ask me. I make impulsive decisions a lot. Pretty bland sadly."

"As expected. Hisako and I are leaving now. We'll see you later."

"Okay, bye."

Upon the two leaving, I see Soma walking off the stage with a big grin despite the angry roaring students in the background. We walked together to our class with some french dude. Chapelle-sensei. So many people were glaring at Soma but he could handle it so I chilled next to him while a blue haired girl freaked out. She looked like she was going to cry and die at the same time. I've never seen social anxiety be embodied by one person so well. Tadokoro Megumi. I left off to find my partner but it turns out that I was on my own. Our job was to replicate the recipe, Boeuf Bourguignon. I read over the recipe before getting to work, glaring at the men insulting Soma. I served the dish when it was complete.

"This is strong in flavour. Good job. A."

"Nice. Thanks. Do we leave now?"

"You can."

"Ooh nice, thanks. I'm out."

I left for my other classes. Someone in the hallway was complaining about stench but I told the person that I couldn't smell anything before leaving. By sheer luck, I got to my other classes and completed them, never standing out besides the strong flavour and smell. In one of my class, there was a student who could create aroma bombs. He was tanned with white hair. He was a bit weirded out when I had no reaction to his aroma bombs that seemed to make everyone else orgasm. I felt uncomfortable at all the people's orgasms so I faced a wall while playing a game. A plate of food was held next to me but I couldn't really smell it so I didn't really notice.

"Could you not be so close? Like I feel pretty uncomfy." I stated before the student backed up.

"Can you not smell?" The dark skinned male questioned.

"Good question. Wait, I just got to a new level. Oh fuck, I died. Anyways, yeah sorry. Can't smell really" I said bluntly

"Oh, I'm Hayama Akira. You're (L/N) aren't you?" The student introduced.

"Call me (M/N). I bet your aroma bombs taste amazing."

The room was filled with silence as I heard some students arguing with the teacher for a better grade. I switched off my phone before facong the class, watching the drama. Hayama watched with me while he sniffed a cinnamon stick. The teacher obliterated the student before he let us out for the last class of the day. I blinked before realising that I didn't know where to go. Hopefully, Erina or Hisako came for me. Hayama's hand brushed my shoulder before bidding me goodbye and leaving. I waved him off. I picked up my phone and called Erina.

"Oh shit. Erina, please come pick me up. I have no idea where I am."

A/N: Thanks for reading the first chapter! So Soma and (M/N) have a pre established relationship and with Erina too. Fun fact, Erina and (M/N) coud eat each others food when they were younger. They're good friends and read some romance manga togather sometimes. See you next time!

 See you next time!

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