Chapter 33

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It's been two days since i was discharged at the hospital and i still haven't talked to Thato. He hasn't called me yet, i tried to call him but he is still unreachable. Could he be ghosting me or something. What if everything that happened is a lie? I need answers and i really don't know where i will get them.

I was hoping to see Thati before i got discharged but she was busy with something else. She would have told me where Thato is and whether he is okay or not.

I can't stop obsessing over him. I need to know if he is okay. I tried calling Thabiso but he is also not answering his phone. Maybe they need some space , i should give them that.

"Hey sis."

Thando walks in my room with a tray of a tea set and homemade cookies.

"Hey" i greet her back.

"Look what i brought you !" She walks towards the bed and puts the tray next to me then lays down on the bed.

"You look depressed, what is going on?" she asks.

"It's nothing" i say while forcing a non-existent smile on my face.

"Don't lie to me , come on. Talk !" she says.

I really need to vent. I have never done this , especially with my sister but i have no other choice. I really need to express my feelings.

"Okay fine , the thing is I'm very worried about Thato. He is not picking up my calls , I'm stressed" i say.

"Geez sis relax. You heard the doc, you can't keep worrying about unnecessary stuff. Focus on getting better please" she says.

"Thato is not unnecessary Thando. You will never understand" i say.

"Allow me to understand" she says.

"Well , i think i like Thato. I mean, he is a great guy but sometimes i just feel like I'm forcing things. I mean, I have seen the situation and it's pretty ugly. I can't just fall in love with a family man, that is just so wrong. Thato is a great man but i think he had already found his partner" i say.

Saying that was the hardest thing ever. I mean, who am i kidding? I know how Thato feels about me and i know how i feel about him. That is not just any feeling.

"Does Thato feel the same way?"

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Does he also think he has found his match in his wife?" She continues.

"I don't know, Thato is very stubborn. He never listens to me."

"You need to understand that this man loves you and he cannot control what his heart wants. It's either you give him a chance or you live your whole life with regret. Don't think , just do it. And so what if he is married? Thato is a grown man, he knows what is wrong and what is right. If he truly loves you and is going against a lot of things to be with you then he probably feels like it is the right decision. Don't doubt him, he knows what he is doing. His wife is a grown up too, she will eventually understand that Thato is in love with you."

Wow , i never knew my sister was this good.

"You're right but kids are involved now, what do i do?" I ask.

"You can start by practicing on how to be a mother" she says, jokingly.

"I'm serious Thando !"

"Okay, sorry. I guess you have to make sure that the kids fall in love with you too. You will have to prove to them just how much you love and care about their father and them" she says.

I might be considering this dating thing once again.

"Thank you sis."

We both hug then drink our tea.

Hours later, right after dinner , i receive a call from an unknown number in a different country. I don't know anyone who is out of the country, who would call me. I decide not to take the call. I'm too tired to be taking any calls right now. I need to take my medication and just go to sleep.

I get to my room, take the meds then get in bed.

I tried sleeping but i just couldn't. I then remembered something. I haven't heard anything from Thato then suddenly i receive an unknown call from someone in another country. What if it's him ?!

I immediately jump off the bed and start looking for my phone when i realise that it could be Thato calling.

Thando walks in while I'm busy running around.

"And then? What are you looking for so late?" she asks.

"My phone, have you seen it anywhere?!" I ask.

"Nop. When was the last time you had it with you?"

"I don't know okay ! Just help me look for it !" I'm honestly so frustrated, i need to find that phone as soon as possible.

"I got it !" I turn to Thando and luckily she found my phone. I run up to her and kiss her cheeks.

"Thank you , thank you, thank you so much !" I even go to an extend of jumping on top of her.

"Heyiii , get off !" she pushes me away then laughs.

"Okay let me look for that number !"

I scroll around the messages until i find the number.

"Yes ! Yes !" I jump in excitement.

Thando just stands there wondering what I'm happy about. I want to tell her but i could be wrong.

"Okay , you are one insane girl ! Get some sleep please and stop jumping around. You're not fully healed yet."

She smiles at me then walks out.

I'm now left alone in this awkwardly quiet room. I want to call the number back but i hesitate. I get a feeling that i shouldn't, even though i so badly want to do it.


Could the caller be who Sihle is hoping to be ? Will Sihle return the call or is she over the concept of missing Thato? Stick around & don't forget to vote & comment.

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