Bella's POV

Continuing getting ready

Lola came back with 2 outfits, for me, a floral straplpeless dress and a black belt around the waist, with a cropped light jean jacket and combact boots. To acessorize a prown purse, a gold necklace and some colourful friendship bracelets. And for Nat, a black crop top with lace at the top, teal skater skirt, and her signature bracelets (she looks like Finn Harries). By the time we got dressed and Andrea did our hair, mine perfectly curled, and Nat's in a side fishtail braid, it was 5:55. I went on my phone and there was a knock on the door. Andrea opened the door, Kian, and JC was standing there "I am here to take Bella to their destination, and JC will take Nat" he said in a proper voice. "You should probably read these" he explained, handing us both letters. I opened mine and Nat opened hers, mine read:

Hello Bella,

Go with Kian and he will take you to Nash, Nash will take you to Cam, Cam will take you to Gilinsky, and Gilinsky will take you to your final destination.

I am so sorry I couldn't have told you in person, Love Jacob xoxoxoxoxo

Nat's POV

Kian passed me the letter and it read:

Hey Nat,

Go with JC and he will take you to Hayes, Hayes will take you to Matt, Matt will take you to Johnson, and Johnson will take you to your final destination.

Keep slaying, and make sure Hayes doesn't make any moves on you! Love Trevy xoxo

Bella's POV

I went with Kian and Nat went with JC. Once we got to Nash, Nash took me to Cam, Cam took me to Gilinsky, and Gilinsky took me to a meadow "Go throught the meadow following a path and you will end up at a forest. Once you get to the forest look to your left and there will be a bird feader with a white envelope taped to it" I turned to thank him, and he was gone. I started walking and soon enough I got to a forest. I saw the envelope and it read:


Keep following the path and soon you will arive at your finall destination, I will be waiting for you there.

Love Jacob xoxoxoxoxo

I walked along the path and came to a waterfall. Under the water fall, Jacob was sitting there with a guitar in his lap, as soon as he saw me he started struming. I went over to him and he started singing Words (If you haven't heard it listen to it now). He finished, put his guitar down and I sat beside him. "That was amazing, Jacob" I complimented "Thanks, anything for you" he cooed. I started blushing like crazy and smiling like an idiot. "I think its really cute when you blush like that" I continued blushing. I looked away and when I looked back, Jacob's face was closer than before and he kept staring at my lips. We both closed our eyes and started to lean in. Within seconds our lips met and then fit perfectly together, as if they were made to be conected.    


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