(Oreola) we blow right past energy vampires

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When this season of the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences finally wraps up, Oreola is nowhere near the action. She's alone, in her room, going back over her research for the hundredth time. Her screen buzzes and that's it. Mystery solved. Season over. Great job everyone, see you next season!

There's a few vague details about the resolution of the mystery but they're immediately buried by another announcement: everyone is invited to Angel#Manifestation to party and celebrate the end of the season with special guest hosts YenniferGrace and SummerHyde! Who promise to have some big new exclusive exciting news to share with everyone who attends!!

So that's all anyone is talking about. Rumors that they'll be formally announcing their romantic relationship. Probably the youngest official couple ever. People are freaking out.

Oreola hasn't talked to Maliquent & Dorkidoria in a while and it's like a sudden hole in her chest she's pretending has been there all along. There are too many weird and true and difficult things happening at once. It's difficult to balance them all in her brain at the same time, much less actually process any of them. It's true that there was a monster this season. There was a monster going around the school killing students. And it's true that Project DOM was at some point very close to solving it. That they probably could have found the teacher, captured the monster, saved more people from dying, if they had stayed focused and worked together. But it was also true that Maliquent & Dorkidoria were dating, and had been for some time, despite the fact that they'd never bothered mentioning it to Oreola. She'd known, on some level, but didn't want to know, maybe. But it was working for them, they were both at 75k now. Enough of a follower divide between them and her to be awkward. And it was also true that there was something else going on. It wasn't just a monster. There was something else killing students. Not just at the Academy, but all around it. There was something in the walls - it sounded impossible but she was certain of it - and it was responsible for more deaths than anyone had realized, and no one else seemed to notice or care.

She was starting to see the patterns. Even just including deaths that happened slightly off campus or in adjacent buildings, details started to emerge. It's almost like the little mysteries they run around solving at the Academy are purposefully designed to distract everyone from what's really going on. She knows that can't be what's really happening, but it's there, at the outer reaches of her brain. A thread just out of reach that will unravel this straitjacket she suddenly realizes she's been wearing her entire life.

Everyone's excited and relieved that the seasons's over, the deaths have stopped and everyone is safe. But they haven't, and they're not.

Oreola's screen buzzes.

Dorkidoria: Hey

Oreola: Hey.

Dorkidoria: So. Genuine Orbital & The Distraction [are the ones who solved the mystery]

Oreola: Oh yeah

Dorkidoria: Yeah. 4th years. [Just like us, so obviously we were very close to solving this if you had cooperated]

Oreola: Amazing.

Dorkidoria: They went through his apartment tracked him and captured him in the old sewer tunnels that's beneath the schools. He was doing the attacks from there. [So Maliquent was basically right from the jump but you fought him on it]

Oreola: Did they interrogate him? How many murders did he take responsibility for?

Dorkidoria: He died too fast. When Orbital surprised him the monster got loose and attacked and killed him. Which is tragic and ironic and of course symbolic. Then the zonnys arrived and neutralized the monster thing. The school's doing tests, an autopsy, full report later, whatever.

Oreola: Convenient.

Dorkidoria: So anyways they're definitely getting their own show now [unlike us]

Oreola: And that's it, we all just like agree that this teacher at our school somehow like literally created a whole-ass monster from scratch.

Dorkidoria: We saw it on the screen O, it was a real thing. Mik00la was a Forensic Manipulation teacher, he was nice on the cellular level with all type shit. You know it's all kinds of spooky shit at this school.

Oreola: But it's not usually so complicated though? Mik00la was so in love with Salemondra that when he hears kids in her class disrespecting her he genetically engineers two, two, monsters outta nowhere and brings them through the sewers to chase and kill those exact kids. That's what we're all agreeing happened here this semester?

Dorkidoria: People do all kinds of wild shit for love. [You don't know b/c you're not in love]. Anyways it's done. You should [stop being so difficult]

Oreola: What should I do

Dorkidoria: Let it go.

Oreola: Let what go. I just want the story to make sense and it doesn't.

Dorkidoria: You been way off focus this whole season, none of it is that deep.

Oreola: I am focused. I am starting to see what's happening, D. For like the first time. Even if you just look at the deaths that happen right off campus, all the people falling out of windows, the numbers don't make any sense. There's something else going on and it's huge.

Dorkidoria: OK. I'm trying to help you but like You have to desire something in order for it to become your reality.

Oreola: This is reality. I seen them, D, I'm telling you, with Hahanowait. It wasn't a murder, the monsters were nowhere there. It was something inside the wall, it reached out and it like sucked the entire life out of her.

Dorkidoria: Oh OK we're stuck on a science teacher building a monster but we blow right past energy vampires inside the walls? That's what we're doing?

Oreola: I know how it sounds, OK. I don't have it all yet but I'm close. [You used to believe me]

Dorkidoria: [You used to solve more problems than you caused]

Oreola: Anyways. [Your love or whatever you think you have with Maliquent has made you totally soft and idiotic in the brain but fine if that's how you want to be.]

Dorkidoria: So yeah. [Your jealousy about our relationship is way out of line with reality and we could have all stayed friends if you didn't insist on being so weird about it.] About next season. We're going to do our own thing.

Oreola: Are we.

Dorkidoria: Not we, just like Maliquent and me. We're gonna pivot in a different direction. It could be cute, like dating plus solving mysteries. We didn't plan it but it makes the most sense now. [Considering it's your fault we didn't have a better season, and we could have solved this and all graduated early but now we're all stuck here another year, so we're definitely way better without you tagging along behind us and holding us back]

Oreola: Is this your decision or Maliquent's.

Dorkidoria: Yours, kinda. But it's not like that. It's just a thing that's happening.

Oreola: I get it. [You get a little dick VERY LITTLE probably and you turn your back on your best friend, this is good information to know about you.]

Dorkidoria: Like sorry to do this before your final year, but [you totally completely deserve it, we literally could be working for Truuuly right now] maybe it's just a good time to think holistically about your brand.

Oreola: Don't worry about my brand.

Dorkidoria: Anyways. See you maybe at the party? [Notice we're not inviting you]

Oreola: Yeah maybe. [Yeah no]

Oreola hangs up and that's that. It's fine. What the fuck is up with Maliquent and Dorkidoria is one less mystery to solve in life. And this is not the first time that a friend has ditched her for clout. She worked her way all the way up out of the Thornes by her own self, to get to the Academy only to get ditched by her best friend Ignore__This at the end of her first season. It's fine to get ditched again before her final season. It's a good symmetry actually. It's a better story. It's no hard feelings at all. It's one less distraction.

You're not lonely, you're just farther along your path than anyone else


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