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Second person POV.

A few hours had past and you fluttered your eyes opened, sitting up and looking around the room. You yawned and stretched blinking a few times before standing up holding (p/n), you then looked down at noya and seeing him sleeping peacefully of once in life, you bend down and picked his cheeks and giggled silently standing up. You waddled to the door and opened it walking out slowly closing it back, you then proceeded to look in every room again but stopped by people talked in the kitchen, you let go of the door and waddled into the kitchen and peeped your head. There was your father talking with Coach Nekomata and Coach Yamiji, you stayed there trying to understand what they were saying.

"Oh? Looks like we got a little person eavesdropping" coach Nekomata said interrupting their conversation looking at you, Ukai turned around and was shock yet relieved that's was just you and got of the chair opening his arms wide for your to jump onto. You did so and was now on his lap, once again trying to figure out they where were talking about.

"So your positive that Shiratorizawa is coming here?" Ukai started looking at Coach Nekomata and Coach Yamiji, Yamiji nodded

"When are they coming?" Ukai asked again

"After tomorrow morning" Nekomata answered

"Hmm, alright"

"We will tell the managers tomorrow, so they could prepare there rooms" Yamiji said before his phone rang

"Hello?" He answered


"That's not that bad"

"Uh... I'm not so sure"

"Alright then"

"Your very welcome"

"Night!" He shut his phone

"Well Shiratorizawa won't be the only one coming" he started

"Who else will be coming?" Nekomata aksed

"Aoba Johsai, same day Shiratorizawa is coming" he added as your mouth fell opened pretending you understood, well you understood a bit. Nekomata and Yamiji then looked at you and laughed

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