..♥ The wound left ♥..

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The wound left by the blade of steel bleeds out as she lies head in hand.

Wondering why her once seemingly perfect life took such a terrible stand.

She cries every night craving what her old, perfect life used to hold.

Her friends, her smile, her family, her unbreakable stronghold.

Her heart is broken by the one who she thought she loved more then anything.

He took her heart, her trust and her love and threw it away, now her wrists are aching.

Her love he threw away was all that had kept her safe, kept her alive.

Now without the feeling of being cared for she can’t find a reason to survive.

She wants to live, she really does but, without his love she doesn’t see the appeal.

Any way out, any plan for escape she can’t find anything to do, this seems unreal.

Her world spiraling out of control as she just makes another blood covered line.

She didn’t know all of this would happen when he left, she figured she’d be fine.

But, without his love and affection her life that used to be perfect was now pointless.

She didn’t know anything would come out of her blood red marks, she figured it was harmess.

You try telling her they’re harmless now as she lies dead, six feet underneath the ground.

She was crying out, screaming at the world, just hoping to be noticed, hoping to be found.

Her “harmless” cuts were just the begining, they let her depression consume her.

If only someone had heard her cries out for help, maybe her life would’ve ended better.

All because he didn’t love her back, he didn’t feel the same emotions that she lived on.

She took those emotions way to far, she sacrificed her life over this one person being gone.

She love him so much but, He never knew all of the pain that she went through.

He didn’t know how much she cared, he never could see how he had made her new.

She loved him with her whole heart, but love doesn’t get translated from the grave.

If only she would have held on if only she wouldn’t have given in and caved.

She would be alive, happy and maybe even in his arms if she hadnt made that cut.

After that her life wasn’t happy or better or anything, infact it was anything but.