156 DAYS?

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                         CHAPTER I.


Every time I wake up In the morning
sometimes I brought on my mind
The first thing to do on the half of

hours and walk around like a zombie and you can heard something to your ears like this word "get up "
and some words come up on your mind,

What's the new day huh ..
Every day I made a dooms day and try to right a word on my mind and I think this is 156 days?
on all day and all night....

So I don't run away into deep bridge of useless things on my life
Because  isn't first and last path hmm even though I have a reputation? That
These days always crashing on my mind

It is enough to wake up? Or do whatever you want? What else ?

Hmm ... I'm nez and this is my life ...
Although you heard many stories such as dramatic, fantasy ,realism, idealism,

It often continue again and again
and the questions never been broke "
"Like me I'm not pretty sure "

And Are  you everbeen try to read your self?

and if you think its a probably crazy hmm I think you shouldn't know about your plenty and perfect or imperfectly life ..
Or Whatever you want to believe it's yours

And Everyone's needs a answers on their questions?

If you ?wake up every  different situations and when you hear a unable words in your mind that's still beyond on ourselves?

And how about 156 days ? it is worst or the best thing or made you like laughing or crying ?

Or probably often encounter In all day and every part our lives?
(A question )

And spend time to our soul  and isn't pretty moment to get together ?

but sometimes you feel sick and tired too?

And how to Understand why isn't happened In every single day?


Sometimes you feel unusual and de javu in every part of our life?

And afraid what you did before? when you wake up in every second?

One day you speak with a smile without feeling ?

  And Think as a weird or what I mean particularly it is so fragile  to pretend anymore..

(Haysss)..... We are lock on our own lie's and you don't no how to go back into bright side thing.
even though every single day is still morbid,

However the Story cristism on
Our lives sometimes  pretty good or bad ?
For me it doesn't matter what it is....
The only thing is life are still rolling around on this shallow world that never ends up with the smoothly imperfect person like me and I guess how is't impossible to change everything about it.

Live us with a lot  of perceptions ? or struggles hadn't come up into another place before? 

And try to ask....
if  I want to go back into far as you about ? one day you'll realize how hard  to deceive in every people's around you and also to your self ?

Moreover sort of story is always written in a different areas by experience or imaginative ideas of our minds even it is weird, myteries, or fantasy that still happened but we free to come over,

and cope into unsual World yet and give a another reason why people engaged in the same way in his /her life.

And brought a tear's or scars on the past?
when we heard about the unable words,
and odd reasons in distinct people

how much is't impossible to find out the truth?  within 156 days?

In the Countdown into hundreds decades going down or up and keep it mine in all part of phrases because it has no function to open up the good times we have

and god are doing great for you and us but it's opinionated thing but the thing is ....

the life is still have pain and jealousy
that gives a hindrance to open the truth behind of your self.

My story is your History that always brings you back unto bridge of past and take a courage to walk around on this path.

and let me brings you on  a
real and unreal words behind people's minds and how is't opposive on their actions and reactions.

And this story  of hundred sixty five days? it's about curiosity of what, who, when, how exactly exist ourselves into midst of unseen situations.

And why the dulled places on our path? It's still confusing?

just like people asking and afraid to facing on their awful life and  how to move on into new pages of life with questions, distress things that pasted into pages.

Also Many stories you heard about some  common and repeatedly happend but sometimes you brought into real life experiences even though every part it's so confusing and not easy to find out the first or second lines and another one is their plenty of times to some pages and notes about daily life and  why being bordome .

And why you need ask into a random question  and decision  and how will you realize? before  and  It is worth to be a good man or is't enough to made a new decision that I hadn't easy to figure it out on this living perceptions on our souls.

The irreplaceable thing that brought unto the edge of mind and always mislead by the end and keep on moving to the radical rumors about what happened in past years ago.
And maybe the world  punishment had a various useless things and how is't sympathize among  on his/her past?

And two many reasons why people's thoughts why just a having a hard time to figure out the same thing?

However you can say anything about what you think ?
Even it is hundred times?

Many of things are still pending on our mind and everything has never been change and it was still miserable?

To persuing the better part of our lives.
Isn't me or isn't you? I think it's me or whatever !!
but this is my an opinion.

Chapter's -  156 DAY?

Unforeseen ......

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