Zayn - Dirty Imagine (Request)

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You and Zayn where in the local Target buying some things.

"Zayn?" You asked

"Yes Babe" 

"Would it be a disartse if i asked you to help me find some clothes for your sister bithday?" I asked.

"Not at all, babe. I would love to" He said and kissed you on your forhead

You walked in, in the nearest woman clothes store.

"What aabout this dress" You said, holding up a dress.

"Try it on. It is pretty" Zayn said and pointed at the nearest dressingroom. You walked in and start to put it on.

"Zayn?" You half-yelled. He Nodded and start walking over to you.

"Can't you take af look at it?" You said wanting him to come in, in the dressingroom. He walked in and you posted a little with the black, short, tight dress on. He didn't say mutch.

"So what do you think?" you said.

"What?" He looked suprised up.

"The dress?" You said

"Oh yes..The dress.. It's really pretty!" He said and sat down on the little chair. He looked at you again and liked his buttom lip.

"Pretty or Sexy" You said while turning round a litlle.

"Uhmm.. That depends on what you would like" He said holding your hand and pulled you closer to him. You smiled as he pulled you over to a kiss. His hands where placed on your hips. You kissed passionate for a whil but suddently he asked for entrance at the first you wouldn't let him in but the the kiss got hotter and hotter and you let him. Your toungues fight but he won in the end (OFC) You keeped kissing and to make it even more hotter you started biting his lip. The you sat down on his lap annd started moving your crotch against his. He started moaning into your mouth, That maked you horny. You feeled the wetness in your underwhere start dripping. He moved his hand against you inner thighs. Starting to move your underwheres and without any warning he inserts a finger into you. You gasped without breaking the kiss. He pumped it in and out harder and faster. You moan loudly as he stopped and looked at you.

"If we have to do this you have to shut up or else i would punish you" He said with a smirk.

You nodded and you started kiss again. He then inserts to fingers without any warnig at all. You breaked the kiss and bites your buttom lip to hold in a moan. He then insets three fingers and pumped it faster and hater. He curled his finges so he hit the G-spot perfectly every time. You feel your walls beginning to tighten around hes fingers.

"Zayn. I-i thi-nk i-i-i'm gonna c-cum!" You wisper in his ear and with that said you spread you legs even more so he can go deeper.

"Z-zayn!! I-i'm cumming!!" This time you yelled it so you where sure that every one in the store heard it. You cummed all over his fingers and he started licking the up.

"Hmm... I must say that you didn't was so quiet.. I must punish you" He said with the most sexy look in his eyes.

"But first.." You saaid moving his pants down. Now he where just in his boxers and you saw his big bulge. You removed his boxers and his d*ck slammes up at his stomach. You sat down on your knees. Starting to lick the tip and massage his balls. He started moaning so you stopped and looked up at him with a I-shut-up-you-shut-up look in your eyes. He nodded and you started again. You licked the tip and ffor a while and right before you put it in your moth you saw the pre-cum. It went down to his balls so you started licking it down-up. You then Put the whole lenght in your mouth starting to bob your head up and down.

"Omg!! Zariah" He Whisperes trying to hold all his mans in.

You continued doing it. 

"Zariah. I-i'm c-c-c-cumming!" He whispered. And with theese word said you felt his warm liquid in your mouth. You swallow as you came to your feet again.

He presses your lips at his. You sat on his lap again feeling  his d*ck at your clit. You both fight with your tounges. He the pulled back at the chair so he where  in a good position.

He moved away from the kiss.

"I'm gonna  fuck you so hard and you cannot say a word!" He said before putting his d*ck into to mig vag. I where about to scream in plesure but it came out as a little moan. He continued harder and harder. He hit the G-spot every time. Even zayn was about to scream but he didn't. You begin to feel your walls tighten around his fingers and you couldn't hold ot much longer.

"Zayn. I-i'm comming! I need to scream" You whispered.

"Hold it!" He said.

After a while you couldn't hold it anymore.

"Zayn! I need to scream!" Yous aid.

"Okay you can scream in 3! But screem my nam and screem it loud!" He said.




"ZAAAAAAAAYYYNNNN!!!!" You screamed

"Yeah! Zeriah!!" He screamed to. He pulledd ot and took his clothes on.

"So.. Are we buying the dress?" You asked out of breath.

"Deffently" He said.


Sorry for the long time...

Just ask for any imagine i make it!! Sad, dirt, sweet, bad Anything!!

Hope you liked it.