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graphic credits: TaurusLeBlanc

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graphic credits: TaurusLeBlanc

students are all walking up and down the halls of hogwarts, having finished classes for the day. many of them were whispering among themselves, about the same thing and it made katherine curious. holding her books close to her chest, she walks past all the students, in hopes to find the source of the whispers. she feels her rope flow with the wind as her pace speeds up as she hears the unfortunately familiar laughter and voice of protest. turning around the corner she huffs in annoyance as her suspicions are proven right.

on the floor was severus snape, and hovering above him were the marauders who couldn't help but laugh. she rolls her eyes in annoyance as she stomps her way towards them. sirius black is the first to notice her and his laughter dies down as a smirk stretches on his face. katherine hated him the most in the group of boys, mainly because he chose to go against his family.

"princess slytherin is here, boys." sirius says tauntingly, making the other three turn to look at her. james potter grins, looking forward to whatever mischief he could cause. peter pettigrew on the other hand was terrified of her, and slightly took a step back. and then there was remus lupin, who turned serious at the sight of her.

"are you okay severus?" katherine asks, ignoring the four boys. she wasn't in the mood to put up with their mischief. she stretches her hand out for severus, who takes it gratefully as she helps him up.

"thank you katherine." he hums, making her smile softly.

"don't worry about it." she assures him and he nods, before leaving quickly. katherine glares at the boys and is about to leave, but sirius' voice stops her.

"ignoring us your majesty?" sirius asks teasingly, making her turn around. she crunches her nose up in a snaring manner and glares at him, wishing she could hex that smirk off his face.

"i don't waste my time on blood traitors." she snarls in disgust, making sirius chuckle as james snickers. sirius tilts his head and pouts slightly, pretending to have been hurt by her comment.

"oh, princess. i deeply apologise for having offended you. how could i ever be pardoned. i am not worthy of your presence." sirius says mockingly, angering katherine even more as she glares at him. she decides not show her anger and simply walk away, making him chuckle as he watches her leave.

"you should stop pissing her off. she's scary." peter says under his breath, making james and sirius look at each other in amusement.

"you're scared of her? she's tiny next to you, don't be foolish peter." james snickers as he wraps an arm around peter's shoulder and the four start walking. "and anyway we all know padfoot is madly in love with her."

"her? have you lost it. i'd rather gauge my eyes out." sirius scoffs, making remus raise an eyebrow in amusement.

"shall we get started on the process of doing that, then?" remus asks, making sirius laugh as he lightly shoves his friend.

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