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Bobacats are really freaking cute. They're slightly chubby, gelatinous, and squishy chibi cats. They don't seem to have internal organs, but they do have tapioca pearls floating around in their bodies.

Bobacats eat eucalyptus leaves. They tend to just laze around all day and cuddle. They never seem to have to go to the bathroom, even though they eat a lot. Boba cats are very friendly, and they have no claws or sharp teeth.

Predators may try to eat them, but they can't bite through their clear skin. They can't be digested so they'll just wait until they come out through the other end.

Bobacats are about the size of a cell phone at birth, but they can grow up to about the size of a toaster.

They can be any combination of colors. Multiple colors can be used for both the tapioca and/or the main part of their body.

Bobacats cannot speak, but they are quite intelligent. They communicate with other Bobacats and people through little noises and adorable body language.

They are also quite bouncy and loyal. They'll stay by your side forever if they like you. Bobacats are always named after some sort of food or drink, no matter what.

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