Nightmares P2 (Maya)

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August woke up out of his sleep and he looked scared, worried, the way he held me was like never be fore and the way he said he loved me like he was scared I was leaving him or something.

"August, baby you sure you okay?" I asked rubbing the back or my hands against his face mans looking into his eyes

"Yeah, I just don't want to lose you. Just the thought of me not hearing your voice anymore, your laugh or seeing your smile or the way your face frowns up when you mad and the way you play with your nails when you nervous."

"August, I'm not going nowhere. Tell me, tell me about the dream." I asked kissing his lips and laying my index finger on his lips before kissing it

"I don't know it was crazy, One minute you was smiling and calling me and you was next to me, the next you said you couldn't see me, than I was running towards you and there was gunshots, when I got to you you was covered in blood, I picked you up and I was trying to get you to talk to me and there was like this candle and as soon as the light when out, you spoke to me and you said you couldn't wake up because you was dead and when I looked down to see you it wasn't nothing but a puddle full of blood. I can't loose you no more." he said crying

"August, baby listen to me. It was just a nightmare. I'm not going no where, you're not going no where, No one is going anywhere. I love you baby and I know you love me. This love is special, I haven't felt this way in along time and we been together for some years and it's going great and we gone die old together like we planned"

"Okay baby, I love you too."

I kissed his forehead and whipped his tears pecking his lips .


"Yeah baby?"

"Not wanting to bring back the past or anything but, what did you think about when you was in that coma?"

I laid my head on his chest and sighed, "Pain, Rage, Hurt, I was in so many emotions. for one, I was scared not only for my life, I could care less if I lived or died, but it was for my girls. if I hadnr had my kids or you, I would killed myself, I woulda been died back there in Vietnam, I woulda died in that coma aide I would've stop fighting, Part of me wanted to beat the shit out of Trey, so he could feel all the pain I was going through."

"Now that you here, I'm Glad you here and I'm happy that you don't think about suicide anymore, wait do you?"

I smiled and kissed him over and over again, "No. not at all."


I smiled

He smiled

*August Sings Kissing on My Tattoos until they both fall asleep*



"Yeah baby? What's up?"

"Where are you?"

"I'm Right Chea, Maya." he said reaching for my hand

"August baby, You're scaring me. What's that on your face? What's this on my body?" Maya asked looking at her body that was covered in blood

"Maya, talk to me."


"AUGUST!" I screamed

August ran over to her, She was laying on the ground

"Talk to me, baby Wake up!"

"I can't, BECAUSE IM DEAD" I said into his ear

*Candle goes out*

August stands over puddle of blood

"No, Maya you can't leave me. What's going on?"

"You decide." my voice echoed||

I woke up and looked straight up at the ceiling and cried, No God. Don't Take me. Don't take my family. We been through enough.

"You decide." I heard

I cried and cried and I looked at August and got up and walked and checked on Autumn and April who was fast asleep, I kissed they forehead and the puppy and left and went and checked on MJ, he was sleep, my handsome baby, I laid beside him and kissed his cheek and rubbed his back until I fell asleep

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